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[Mobile] Remove current Song from Playlist



This is a usability improvement for the Mobile devices. Sometimes I want to remove songs from a playlist. This is currently quite a long task to perform on the mobile device.


  1. I first have to select the right playlist.
  2. Then I have to locate the song, which is not listed alphabetically. They are listed in the order I built the playlist with the oldest first and newest last.Some of my playlists have up to 900 songs in them and scrolling slowly can be difficult and timeconsuming.
  3. Then click on the "pencil" icon and  delete the track I don't want.

I think it would be a better user experience if we could delete songs as easy as it is to add them to a playlist. 


So here's a suggestion for the mobile app, look there's even a space for it on the info page! Smiley LOL


Spotify Delete Track Idea






UPDATE 3 June 2017

I have been contacted by user eviljojo22 who has developed a Plugin that creates a playlist named "Remove from Spotify" and every 45 minutes minutes it deletes every song in it and also in every playlist in which that same song appears (which may not be what you want). However, this is an option that may help you before Spotify gets round to providing this very simple function. Good luck (and Thank you EvilJojo22)

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UPDATE 7 February 2019

I have been contacted by user bamboony who has developed an android app that might solve the problem in the short term:



UPDATE 15 February 2022

They delivered! This feature now exists. Click the three dots while playing a track and select the option "Remove from this Playlist"


Updated on 2022-07-19

Hey folks, 


If you'd like to remove the song that's currently playing on Android devices, you can quickly get to it by tapping the title of the playlist (located in the top center of the screen). This will open the playlist and the current song will be highlighted in green. From there, you can tap the three-dot menu and select "Remove from this playlist". 

Capture1.PNG           Capture2.PNG 


We'll keep this idea open and if there are any updates about adding a remove song button to the menu on the 'Now Playing View' or if we have some news regarding this option on iOS devices, we'll post them here. Remember that you can still add your votes here if this is something you'd like to see in the future.




That is the only reason I can think of why Spotify is reluctant to implement this no brainer feature. Does it make me happy as a cutsomer? Not at all!

I like the idea of viensvoirtonton to bring this out in the open via Twitter or other social media channels. Anyone with lots of connections? 🙂


If it's true, then it's completely stupid. The amount of tracks I add and listen to are way more than what I remove from the library. My library is constantly growing.

I think that's what happens when you hire people just to be politically correct and "diverse", and not on competence.


PROBLEM: On both my desktop and my Android device, I can plainly see, at the bottom of the display, information about the song that is currently playing.  However, that "song information display" does not provide an immediate option to delete that song from my playlist if I don't want it any more.  I have a very long playlist, and it appears that to delete that song, I have to scroll up and down through the playlist (filtered or not) to find the song to delete it.

SOLUTION: It sure would be nice if there was an option to immediately delete a song right from the "currently playing song" information at the bottom of the display.


I really would like to see this feature implemented, because it's really painful to delete the currently played song from a playlist. An even better solution would be to simply add the "More..." menu to the currently played song when playing from a playlist to get even more options (like "Go to Artist"):



But, to help you folks a little bit: You don't have to sort the playlist and search manually for the currently played song. You can click on the icon of the currently played song at the bottom left corner to automatically jump to the currently played song inside your playlist. Sure, this is a workaround. But: As soon you are deleting some songs from the playlist and then again jumping to another currently played song there is a bug you will encounter. Spotify is only remembering the location of every song at the beginning. After removing some songs the location isn't accurate anymore, sadly. 


@KitsuneMVl, this thread is about the mobile app, in the desktop app deleting the currently playing song is less of a pain (although it needs workarounds, agreed).

In the desktop app, there are more situations where locating the currently playing song in the right playlist (by clicking the album art in the bottom left corner) doesn't work, e.g. when the playlist isn't sorted by the default order then no way it will jump to the right song in your playlist. Seems like it only knows about the position of your song relative to the default sort order, so as soon as you delete some songs or change the sorting it breaks.

Also in a large playlist the app is not able to reposition (or scroll) the playlist in a way that the currently playing song remains in sight.

The entire implementation is broken. Sadly. And Spotify doesn't seem to care. Sadly.


Completely agree, Spotify should give more options for privacy


Please vote for this too:


Do it! 


Spotify, how do you not understand that your proposed solution is cumbersome?


This feedback community is a total joke. Users shouldnt have to make an account here and then watch as the years go by and Spotify makes miniscule updates to the UI. The fact that product managers haven’t figured out a better way for users to delete songs from playlists with feedback like this from 2012 is scary. Get rid of this whole system and allow users to submit feedback the through the app. 


It's 2020 and there is no such option in desktop app (windows)!