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Just brainstormed a good feature that would help mentally and emotionally disturbed people. Just as psychiatrists insist journaling is a wonderful medicine for mental breakdowns and equally encourage listening to songs, I believe there should be a fusion for both. Perhaps a new space for the listener to tuck in about how the song they're listening to is changing their perspective of life. Perhaps the listener can create a couple of journals, for their work and personal life. A playlist that can be pinned, song time stamp attachments, A songs-sidebar that they could describe along side how the feel, the BGM for the entire day. I believe this feature could be such an upliftment and encouragement for those in need. "Depression" is the most common word expressed by teens and young adults these days, when "Inspired" should be.


"mentally and emotionally disturbed people"  🤣 is that what we are?? I've always just went with the term "psychotic"!!! But yea music helps, and then it doesn't to the point where there is no point even listening.THEN there are people like you, who want to help others and make change but does that ever happen? NOPE! give up dude. I've tried getting "better" for 12 years now I've wasted so much time and energy on this**bleep** i'm bored and my 9-5 is the only thing keeping me alive at this point.


AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHAT IS WITH THE CENSORING?? Haven't you people heard the word $h!t before?


Hey no rush! Let's see what happens. I know it's super easy to give up on life. You fought for 12 years and lost?  You know a game ends only when you give up. Quit wallowing in self pity and start waking up. There's hope out there but you need to step down from your soaring pride to reach for it. 

I talk because when I needed it NO PHYSICAL BEING extended reassurance as much as needed. So unlike you, I think I need to do something better than wasting time soiling my pants with my grounded feet.


And I find no need to use coarse talk around here. So I didn't.