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Option to make playlists actually fully random

I have a playlist of music from all over the world, and it's over 25 hours long.  I enjoy running down memory lane and sharing the playlist with roadtripping friends, but, and it is a very BIG **bleep**.  the playlist never actually is random.  i know your algo does its best to not play the same artist over and over, but i'm having the issue where it plays the same songs over and over.  In a playlist of over 700 songs there should be a 1 in a million chance I will hear "Ni tu Ni Yo by Jlo" every drive, but somehow I do. 

I know you have a smart shuffle feature, but I'd love to see a 'full random' feature.  I don't care about hearing the same artist close together, cause i have literally hundreds, but I do care about hearing the same 20-30 songs each time I pull up the playlist.  The first song is 'sweet melissa' by the allman brothers band, and every car ride I hear it, but almost never any of the music I added from Europe or Asia.

WHY SPOTIFY WHY.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING.  I took statistics in college, I know a stacked deck when I see one 😜


I had the same experience happen to me before. My workaround was to toggle shuffle off, skip one song and then toggling shuffle on again. I don't know if it'll work well in your case, but for me it was enough.


turn off automix and it should be better


I agree. I have a large main playlist (2001 songs, 137 hours) and I experience far too many repeats for the shuffle to be truly random. It seems to me that the algorithm tries to weigh songs by tracking things like how many times I skip a song or select it manually to play. Maybe if the song is on the Liked playlist it will get played more, etc. I would really like a shuffle option that is purely random, otherwise there will be songs from my list that I may not hear for a very long time.


Along these lines, I think it would also be helpful to have a button for "shuffle now".


I would also like to take this opportunity to beg you to put back the "Liked song" heart icon next to songs in the Liked playlist. It was incredibly helpful to be able to see at a glance if a song from other playlists is in the Liked list.


Sorry guys science says no to your pure randomness idea. 


In real life, you can influence these “algos” though- you just need to make sure a large variety of your songs actually play. Not crazy convenient, but it will indeed improve the amount of different songs that play on large playlists.


This so true! And it destroys all the purpose of making long playlists.


Shuffle is not random. It plays the same order of "shuffled" songs every time I select "shuffle" which defeats the whole purpose of SHUFFLE. It is just creating a "new order" of my playlist which plays this same order every time I select it. Some of the songs in my playlist never even get included in the "shuffle". Very frustrating!!!