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[Playlists] More Playlist Sorting Options/Columns

Status: Not Right Now

Sort options within Spotify are severely lacking.


First, what's lacking outright:

sort by year, total plays, personal playcount, current popularity, genre, tempo, etc.


On top of that, sorting should be stackable, e.g. sort by album by year, or sort artist by total plays, etc.


This could apply to within the artists' pages as well, allowing us to sort through all their songs to better find music that suits our tastes.

Updated on 2020-01-23

Hi folks. Thanks for all your votes and comments. We like this idea, but at the moment we're not planning to do this.

If something should change we'll be sure to come back and provide an update.


Yes, I totally agree.

About me I need 3 mandatory Columns in order to leave iTunes for Spotify:

  • Genre
  • Play Count
  • Bit Rate

Please do something Spotify, it is the minimum requirement for a player app!

Status changed to: New Idea

As mentioned, this idea will reflect all requests for 1 or more additional columns in library/playlist view of the desktop version to sort by. May it be year, genre, etc. 🙂

I'm so b**y old that I sometimes prefer to listen to an album in the "designed" order. Album track number is a minimum for me.



Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Voting this one up, I really want per song genre in there!


Please add the ability to sort based on if a song is starred or not in a playlist. I'd love to be able to group songs that I have not starred yet so I can focus on those in any playlist.


Also--the default sort order.  When you first fire up the app, your songs are listed in a particular order and you can drag and drop them to rearrange.  Once you sort by track, artist, etc., I don't think you can get back to this default order without restarting the app (or can you?  Either way, I'd like the column as a choice).


EDIT (over 2 years later)

I don't know if this was added since I made the comment or if I just didn't know about it, but it turns out if you click on a column header once, it sorts by ascending order.  If you click a 2nd time, it sorts in descending order.  That's pretty standard stuff, but when you click a 3rd time, it puts it back in default order.


However, I still agree with most of these other posts.  I think BPM could be a tricky one to implement, but things like album year, play count (just mine and/or whole community) and (for local files) file path could all be useful and very easy to add.


Is this being worked on?

Or is it at least scheduled?


I mean I can see why this is important for classical music, but not beaing able to sort by track number means I have to hand sort (!) albums.

And then one accidental click on the table header and all hope is lost...

That is just plain not acceptable for any music player, not in the 90s and certainly not today.


And while it may be that some labels don't have their Composert/Artist fields all cleaned up I guess the track numbers should be pretty much complete and that would certainly help.

BPM column please!

The BPM data could either come from beat-matching software server-side (I'm a computer programer; don't give me any excuses!), or you could let users enter it themselves and use the median value. Either way would work!


At the very least I need a year-column. I create playlists like crazy, and the BIGGEST problem is determination of which songs are actually rather old. I like to keep track of when the tracks are from to put older songs in seperate playlists and new tracks in lists I currently hear.


It would also help sorting a list to only hear recent tracks.


The idea of sorting by the added-to-spotify date is also pretty great, as a track could be considered "new" when it is added to Spotify. I rarely listen to music which is not on Spotify, so it would be new to me 🙂