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[Playlists] More Playlist Sorting Options/Columns

Sort options within Spotify are severely lacking.


First, what's lacking outright:

sort by year, total plays, personal playcount, current popularity, genre, tempo, etc.


On top of that, sorting should be stackable, e.g. sort by album by year, or sort artist by total plays, etc.


This could apply to within the artists' pages as well, allowing us to sort through all their songs to better find music that suits our tastes.

Updated on 2020-01-23

Hi folks. Thanks for all your votes and comments. We like this idea, but at the moment we're not planning to do this.

If something should change we'll be sure to come back and provide an update.


Genre would be useful, I have a huge playlist with songs I like but sometimes listening to a mix of genres puts me off.

Status changed to: New Idea

Updated on 2018-10-11

Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.


Good luck! I've been asking for this for YEARS. Would love to see a "Sort by... Recently Updated" as well, because how irritating is it to open Spotify just to see that you have new music downloading, but no idea which playlist amongst the 100s that I have is actually updating. Sure, I could scroll and see which one doesn't have the green download symbol next to it at that time, but chances are I'm going to forget the name of that playlist within seconds, or it will download and update so fast I don't even get that chance. The ability to sort by different categories would be absolutely phenomenal.


Yes please! sort by year!!!!


Playlists: Coming from a DJ background Playlists are my life. Currently the app provides a 'Section' called 'Playlists' which comprises of 'all playlists' however I would recommend an option to create sub-folders. Folder system which allows to categorize for example Click Playlist then click Electronic, within Electronic playlist we have House Playlist, EDM Playlist, Dubstep playlist etc. Allowing for more configuration. Even section which is 'Followed Playlist' and 'Personal Playlists' to separate from public/private playlists.

This actually already is an option, but it has to be done from the desktop app vs on the phone!
Please share how to accomplish the Playlist sorting?

When on the desktop version of Spotify, and on a Mac, go to File > New Playlist Folder.

I'm sure it is very similar on a PC as well.


Why tf not? it seems to be demanded and would only attract individuals to your platform. I personally would love to be able to create a playlist based on BPM so that I can start a work out slow, and move to faster upbeat songs as my workout progresses. The Fact that I do not have these options makes me want to shop around for other platforms that do offer these features. Please VOTE for this if you agree! (upper right corner of this page)


@Freshf1 wrote:

This idea is very good. I have been missing columns like BPM. But then of course the BPM must be correct which it isn't when I use the sort by BPM. A lot of songs show double BPM.