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Please bring back car mode

Car mode is something I would use always as of keeps the app open and allows for ease of skipping songs. I would use it while in the car, while working out, and while dying my hair or doing makeup. The feature is gone but there is still a tab for it in settings. I find this extremely frustrating as I thought it was a bug initially. Please for the love of god bring this feature back. I hate having to turn my phone on in the car to skip a song let alone see briefly what's playing. Thank you.


I used Car Mode all the time when driving - for safety! Easy to see which song was playing, easy to change song etc...
Why delete a feature that worked fine?! 
Not everyone has a new car with Apple Car Play etc... Very dissapointed this feature is gone! Please bring it back...


Actually borderline dangerous that they removed it. It should be back - I used this all the time as I can't connect my phone to the car. 


Bring back car mode! 


It was such a useful feature.

Having a simpler less distracting display while driving was so good!

  • As an enhancement add direct voice control. 

They need to add a simple UI mode again.


I consider this to be a safety feature while driving. It makes little sense to remove a feature that makes navigation easy and enhances safety. 


I use an AUX cord in my car to hook up my phone for Spotify. I don't have Bluetooth in my old junker. I also used car mode to keep Spotify open and avoid the screen timing out in other situations. I would prop my phone on my desk at work and be able to see what was playing, skip songs, change playlists, etc. without having to unlock my phone.


I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent removal of Car Mode functionality in the Spotify app when using Apple CarPlay. This decision has significantly impacted the safety and usability of the app while driving, and I kindly request your attention to this matter.

Car Mode has been an invaluable feature for many Spotify users, including myself, as it provided a simplified and optimized interface specifically designed for safer use while driving. Its large, easy-to-read fonts, simplified controls, and intuitive layout allowed us to focus on the road while still enjoying our favorite music and podcasts.

However, since the removal of Car Mode, it has become increasingly challenging and dangerous to navigate the Spotify app while driving. The standard interface, designed primarily for stationary use, requires unnecessary attention and interaction, demanding more time and effort to locate and control specific functions. This distraction poses a significant risk to drivers who need to take their attention off the road for extended periods.

I understand that updates and changes are necessary to improve the overall user experience, but the removal of Car Mode seems to have overlooked the critical importance of driver safety. As a loyal Spotify user, I urge you to reconsider this decision and reinstate Car Mode as soon as possible. Its absence compromises the very essence of user-friendly design and puts drivers at an increased risk of accidents and distractions.

Furthermore, I would like to suggest some potential improvements to the Car Mode feature, should you decide to reinstate it. Enhancements such as voice command integration, larger buttons, and simplified navigation menus would greatly contribute to making the Spotify app even safer and more accessible for drivers.

Thank you for your time and attention to this pressing matter. I eagerly await your response and hope for a positive resolution that ensures the safety and convenience of Spotify users while driving.


I have been using car mode forever even when I'm doing daily tasks since it's easier to skip songs and the videos can be distracting, I've got a car with no screen (09 Ford focus) and it's so hard to skip songs now I'm almost afraid to skip songs epically if they have a video then when its dark out and I'm driving down dark roads the video can be seen in my peripheral vision and it can get hard to focus on the road. 


Car Mode was excellent for on the move! And it always kept the screen on consistently whereas now the "Keep Spotify Open" setting doesnt funciton at all. I need the Car Mode's larger Now playing Ui for safely making quick changes qhile driving using the larger controls!


I totally agree. While I know I am probably in the minority with this, I currently do not have a car that will play music from my phone. Even when I have the auxiliary plugged in, the age and technology in my radio system just won't work with my newer phone. So the only way I can listen to Spotify in my car is directly from my phone's speakers. Not having car mode is very inconvenient. I don't get the simplified screen and I have to constantly unlock my phone if I need to make any changes to the song. This is also a safety hazard as I should be focusing on driving, not on making sure I'm hitting the correct button on my phone. I also personally enjoyed and used car mode in almost every setting outside my car. It was nice to have the simplified screen that would stay up without my phone falling asleep. It made for easy access if I was doing something like cleaning the house, doing dishes, or playing games with the family. It also allowed other people to control the music without me having to unlock my phone every time. So my suggestion would be to still provide a service directly on the app that would have the same features as car mode, even it you call it by a different name.