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Removing items from Recently Played history

I would also like it if we had the option to remove our recently played history because sometimes I would listen to someone's playlist, an artist, or one of my own playlists by accident and I don't really listen to the playlist or artist anymore or I already have a song by that artist and it doesn't make sense to keep it in my library or recently played history.

Updated on 2021-06-14

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How about an update from Spotify on this request? It’s been three years since the last update on this request!


Guys, I think we got it all wrong - this is definitely a feature!  Have you ever Rick Rolled someone?


Not being able to edit your recently played history makes Spotify the ultimate Rick Rolling platform - not only do they get to enjoy the amazing tune when they click on the mistitled link, they get to enjoy it for weeks to come from the recommendations engine!


Like with this version of Baby Shark!


How is this still not a feature in 2022? Literally every service I use has the ability to remove played or watched items from my history so I don't keep seeing them. 


I listened to one episode of a podcast, I hated it, now this podcast keeps showing up on my Home page because it's in my history. I don't ever want to see this podcast again but I have no choice. It's just always in my face now. God this is so dumb. 


This just pushes me to never listen to podcasts on spotify ever again because if I don't like the podcast, I'll forever be haunted by it in the app.




Lots of people in this thread seem to be confused as to exactly why spotify doesn't appear to give a damn about basic features that users actually want: it's because they don't. They care about profit and keeping shareholders fat. As long as they don't lose too many subscribers, they have zero motivation to keep users happy. Simple as that


I am happy to inform everyone on this thread I noticed a change with the most recent update in regards to this suggestion. One still cannot delete recently played history, but there is now an option to long press an item in the home screen on the Spotify app and select the "🚫 Not interested in this album/playlist/show/episode" and it will be removed from one's home view. It is not exactly what we have been asking for but it seems to be an improvement so far and it could possibly a good substitute for deleting items entirely.


I want to remove a program that I don´t listen anymore, and still appears.


🎶 This is needed, doo-doo do doo-doo do.. 🎶

🎶 Yes we need it, doo-doo do doo-doo do.. 🎶

🎶 'cause sometimes, doo-doo do doo-doo do.. 🎶

🎶 someone plays, doo-doo do doo-doo do.. 🎶

🎶 garbage music, doo-doo do doo-doo do... 🎶


Spotify app:
🤖 "We saw you [accidentally] listened to Baby Shark once, so here's a playlist of remixes of Baby Shark &


Given the great length it has taken to consider re-implementing the option of removing recently played. I would guess that they removed this to encourage users to not share accounts and get their own. More and more platforms are discouraging sharing accounts these days and this is what the removal of this feature accomplishes. I don’t expect that you will see this option brought back. Best to just try another platform if this is what you would like to see.


Adding this option would really improve the user experience. I use my account to play music when hosting friends and now all of my playlists and recommendations are messed up, to the point where it's not really fun to listen to music on Spotify anymore.