[Social] Block Followers

I believe there should be a way to block people that are following you on Spotify. When blocked, the user will automatically unfollow you and will not be able to find you, or view your public playlists.


Blocking should be possible via both username and email address.



Updated on 2018-07-09

Hey folks.

We're changing this status to good idea.


We definitely think this is a strong idea, however it isn't in our current road map.
The teams behind our social features are aware that you're bringing your feedback here and we're working closely with them to bring forward all your comments and concerns.

If there are any updates on blocking Spotify followers we will let you know here first.

Thanks everyone!

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Status changed to: New Idea
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Yeah - those are for subscribers to playlists, not followes 🙂

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They are quite closely related though, since playlist subscribers are now Followers too 😉



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But still far away enough for this not to be a duplicate 😉

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Yup! I agree 🙂 


I've seen this suggested many times before, but have never seen a response from the company.  Is there no way to remove followers?

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Please kudo this idea if you want to see it Implemented!

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Please implement the ability to delete or block followers ananomously ...thank you!  

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Thanks to all that have been supporting this idea 🙂


Keep the kudos coming in!