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Spotify Wrapped - Access Previous Years' Wrapped Stories & Stats

I really wish Spotify can enable users to access all the previous years' Spotify Wrapped stories and statistics (since joining the app), to see information including minutes listened and the top 5 artsists and songs.


Currently, we are only able to search for our previous years' top songs, but I think it would honestly be amazing to look back at stats of the Wrapped for the new year compared to previous years, would be a lovely feature and track record for personal memories and to share them with friends. I hope Spotify can seriously consider adding this.

Updated on 2024-01-27

We're thrilled to see that your suggestion is rapidly gaining popularity and we're updating its status to Good Suggestion.

We hope that it will continue to gain support from more users. Thank you for your valuable contribution - we truly appreciate it!

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I've been wanting this feature for years since I had technical issues within the app trying to view mine on my phone at the time. 


You got my vote for this one!


We need this


Came to say the same thing. I don't know if the wrapped category button was always there, I only just noticed it, but, it would be great to be able to click on previous years to compare, and also to remind me! I have no idea what my most played song was 3 years ago, but I'd probably be playing it today if I did!


Agreed! It would be great if they just kept the "Wrapped" tab at the top and once in there you could select what year you want to see the stats for. It would be even cooler if we could see charts comparing our stats over the years - ex. a bar chart that shows minutes listened and on the y axis had each year we have used Spotify/they have data for.


I want to hide this feature.
I don't use S for recommendations, since they are not predicting my interests particulary well.
But Wrapped bloats all over my own curateds playlists.

Please respect user preferences for paying customers. Make everythin optional.


Wrapped it's a great feature of Spotify, kudos for the people that made it.


As the others would be nice to have it as a permanent stats (the whole slides and such).

Thanks again, and keep the good work!



agree 1000000%%%%%%%


So agree, would be good to see the previous year to, in sidebar, 


being able to view all your spotify wrapped through the years would be amazing. it would be great for comparing your wrapped and seeing how much things have changed, it would also be a easy method of storing the wrapped instead of my wrapped screenshot getting lost in my camera roll they would all be neatly together.