Spotify Xbox One app

I'm aware that a large majority of Spotify users won't be gamers but with Microsoft's latest console, the Xbox One, do you think it'd be possible to get a Spotify app? Now that it's possible to multi-task and stream while you game the opportunity to gain new monthly subscribers is massive.


It's already possible as seen with Microsofts new service "Xbox Music" which features heavily in the new console. I know I'd definitely use the app if there was one. Anyone else?

Updated: 2016-09-17

Hello everyone. Staff here.

We don't comment on any potential partnerships until they happen. Unlike other ideas, we can't promise kudos will lead to an implemented idea but please feel free to add your comments. 

We'll be sure to update this idea if and when we have more to say. Thanks for the idea!

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Absolutely. And I know many other xbox one owners who are spotify subscribers as well. Spotify should utilize the snap feature so gamers can listen while they play.
Music Fan

Woud love to see this. I bought an XBOX One mainly for entertainment purposes rather then games so Spotify would just complete the package. For the record I'm now testing XBOX Music on a 30 day trial. So an annoucement before then would be good as I might just swap over.


The only negative I have about Spotify is it lack of Support. I am still waiting to hear on a Support call I raised months back. As I use facebook logon I need to access a device password. I never receive the emails. 


Very good idea, I'm having to use pandora, amay if this doesn't get done will have to switch premium service over to pandora



Totally amazing do it, much better than having to get my laptop out in the living room

Just got the xbox one and I thought of the same thing. It would be perfect with Spotify. Xbox Music seems cool and all, but nothing like Spotify.

I totally agree .. As soon as I started looking at the apps on the xbox one I looked for Spotify. I guess I just assumed it would be there since it's a no-brainer to me.. it makes perfect sense, DO IT!!!


Perfect match! I don't want to switch to Xbox Music...


I would love this as well. I have tried to think about ways to stream it through my phone on a snapped Xbox music... But hat isn't really possible. I would LOVE it if there was a spotify app. My vote for this is a resounding PLEASE SPOITIFY ADMINS, READ THIS AND MAKE THE APP!!!!


Actually, I'm quite impressed of the xbox one. It's indeed working as an entertainment centre in my living room. So If spotify is not submitting an xbox one App I will swop to xbox music. However, i'm very satisfied with spotify.