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Toggle off AI-created songs

Settings toggle to make sure that songs I hear are made by humans, not by Ai. Just to clarify, its ok if ai or ML is doing the suggesting of songs - I just mean the songs themselves. I don't want to hear songs that were themselves created by AI.


Why does it matter?

Art should have no limits. 

Beauty is everywhere, not only in humans.


It matters because as the technology stands now, "ai" is not "creating" anything. Current "ai" is not actual artificial intelligence; it is only predictive modeling based off existing content. Ergo it does not create, but only steals and repackages things that someone else has already made. When and if we ever get to a point where we have actual artifical intelligence capable to creation, I will readily agree with you; but what we have now is not even close, and ai "creations" are naught but soulless theft.