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As many would have noticed, shuffle mode is not 100% random, as it depends on the popularity of the song, your last listen.

But I believe shuffle mode should be fully random, and then make a new setting called "enhanced shuffle" with those variables.

I absolutely love this app, but the one thing that's keeping it from being my favorite streaming service is this shuffle feature that only plays popular, and replayed songs. it infuriates me that the algorithm doesn't purely represent my/our music, and I desire to just turn off the app when songs constantly repeat.

Updated on 2024-01-27

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Once we listen to a song, it should pop a like button to know the (song's sentiment) which will enhance the pure shuffle experience 


This new tweak to the shuffle algorithm is causing me to remove new songs from playlists in a month or less due to overplaying. I went on a 4 hour road trip and ended up frustrated over hearing the same 40-50 songs from a 700+ song playlist I had prepared. It's heavily favoring the most recently added and played songs. Going to work and back and I end up hearing the same songs on each trip. Not enjoyable


Shuffle is so irritating now, hearing the same songs repeatedly. I wont be using Spotify again until it changes. 


This would be the perfect way to democratize music.👏

I have experienced the exact same thing, and worse with my liked playlist.
Things like this truly make me want to quit using Spotify.

I have noticed a sharp change in my Playlist experience over the past few weeks. I once had Playlist with 100s of songs and rarely got tired of any of them. Now suddenly I have had to completely revamp my Playlist to remove songs that the new algorithm is overpaying. I have found myself trying to trick the algorithm to get more variety because it heavily favors only 20 songs out of the 100s in the list.

This absolutely sucks. The algorithm favors songs that I listen to the most, yet the algorithm is the reason I keep hearing these songs. I am now locked in a perpetual loop of only hearing the same songs over and over again and now I can't stand songs that I once loved.

If I want to hear the same 12 songs overplayed ad nauseum, I could just listen to FM radio for free.


I did not know shuffle was like this that is kinda annoying actually. But it is a little better bc when i shuffle i would rather hear the songs I like more first. But i can totally understand why y’all want the option for a true random shuffle, and I do too. Super shuffle all the way🔀

does removing popular songs off of your playlist work? my issue is that i
was using the recommendation songs after search for most of my new song
recommendations, and now it plays the same things over and over depending
on the genre. and i cant even hide the songs because they always come back
to play again. about a year or more ago these things were not happening.##-
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Yep like shuffling all followed artists.  Similar to Pandora and shuffling between "stations". 


For as good as Spotify seems, there sure are a lot of major issues, such as lack of pure shuffle and, to me, more importantly the lack of Sonos Voice Control and Spotify compatibility.


It is truly shocking that customers even have to ask for this kind of stuff.  It’s about to be 2024.  Please stay relevant Spotify.