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As many would have noticed, shuffle mode is not 100% random, as it depends on the popularity of the song, your last listen.

But I believe shuffle mode should be fully random, and then make a new setting called "enhanced shuffle" with those variables.

I absolutely love this app, but the one thing that's keeping it from being my favorite streaming service is this shuffle feature that only plays popular, and replayed songs. it infuriates me that the algorithm doesn't purely represent my/our music, and I desire to just turn off the app when songs constantly repeat.

Updated on 2024-01-27

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This seems really similar to  Everyone might want to upvote that one also - although it probably does not matter.


So frustrating! I use the "liked songs" like my old ipod classic, to "shuffle all" - but this is useless now.
Really frustrating to see things like this be brought in. Makes a 1000 song playlist feel like 100.




I was about to suggest a "True Shuffle" mode, that is truly random.

This is because it's kind of annoying when Ihave over 7000 songs in my "Liked" and putting it on shuffle always ends me up with the same 200 or so, mixed with a couple of songs I haven't heard in a while due to the fact that shuffle is influenced by your taste profile. (Which is not a good thing in my opinion)


It would be cool for users to have better information on what they can do to influence the various algorithms so they can get what they want more intentionally out of the AI. 

Default suggestion is to play as large a variety as possible purely to influence the algorithm. I wonder how long it takes for a song to be considered “listened to.” Spending 10 minutes now and again to trick the AI might be worth it.


I totally agree - IT is very frustrating that when that I hit shuffle on a playlist with hundreds or even thousands of songs, I seem to always hear the same 20 or 30 songs before it plays anything else.


When I hit the Shuffle music button I want it to be totally random across the list I have selected. The whole reason for building a large list is to hear different songs, and not always the same ones.  




Why is this not a toggle-able feature in the settings? Just give users more choice!


This better be free if it’s released


Some are calling it "pure" shuffle, but I think what I and others want is a completely random playback of our playlists, albums, etc. My complaint is the same as others in that shuffle keeps playing only a small portion of a playlist. Why have you done this? It's irritating. Even when I begin way back in a playlist, something I haven't listened to in years, before long shuffle just starts playing only my most recent tunes. 


Do the heads at Spotify read and respond to this comment section? I'd hate to switch services, but I will if I find something more to my liking.


Thanks for reading and your consideration.


This was raised in July 2020 and still hasn't been sorted so I'm not holding my breath on this being fixed soon.