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As many would have noticed, shuffle mode is not 100% random, as it depends on the popularity of the song, your last listen.

But I believe shuffle mode should be fully random, and then make a new setting called "enhanced shuffle" with those variables.

I absolutely love this app, but the one thing that's keeping it from being my favorite streaming service is this shuffle feature that only plays popular, and replayed songs. it infuriates me that the algorithm doesn't purely represent my/our music, and I desire to just turn off the app when songs constantly repeat.

Updated on 2024-01-27

We're thrilled to see that your suggestion is rapidly gaining popularity and we're updating its status to Good Suggestion.

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I would like to have no repeats until all songs in playlist have been played, maybe shuffle tracks play count


Another price increase and they still can’t give us basic shuffle capabilities??!! All I want is to be able to listen to my entire playlist with no repeats, like seriously what is so hard about that? I don’t want to listen to same 15 songs over and over. Why does Spotify have all these crazy features that most users don’t even use and shuffle has been broken forever. Every other single music app out there has this and now I have to pay even more?? This app just keeps getting worse the more stuff they add. I love this app and I’ve been a user for 8 years, but this seriously might make me switch. FIX THE THINGS PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT SPOTIFY


I see Spotify has given this idea a "Good Suggestion" tag. I hope this means they follow through with some action as there are many ideas on this theme, all basically asking for a pure shuffle rather than over playing songs we've already listened to on repeat. An idea on this in 2021 has got over 3000+ votes and was passed on to Spotify's development team for consideration. So far - seems there is still no action. Just increasing numbers of frustrated users.