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[iOS] Airplay 2 Support for iOS

New idea for earlier closed ideas:



Experiencing delay with Spotify when streaming to multiple Airplay 2 devices. Works with Apple Music 

Updated on 2021-08-07

Hello everyone,


We apologize for any confusion we have caused. To clarify, Spotify will support Airplay 2. Please continue to use this thread to add your votes and comments.


We’ll post updates when they become available.


Please don't make it a harder choice to stay with Spotify rather than go to Apple Music.


It won't be done anytime soon.
My guess is at least 6 months. 


This will never come out just like native homepod support.
Spotify's own staff has no clue what they are even talking about, closing the thread and then retracing their steps. How embarrassing. Just give the people what they want ... Why is it that deezer, pandora, etc has homepod support... DEEZER... PANDORA.... noone even uses those services yet they care more about their customers. How PATHETIC.


Glad to hear AirPlay 2 support is not out of the question.  I came very close to switching to Apple Music when I heard that Spotify had given up.  I much prefer Spotify (it's faster and has a better recommendation engine), but the delay interacting with my Sonos is frustrating.


Frankly, this „clarification“ doesn‘t make thinks much clearer for me.


WHEN will you support AIRPLAY 2?! 

Airplay 2 was introduced in June 2017. 

It is taking you more than 4 years to implement it.

The reason: audio driver issues???

At the same time Spotify claims  „Listening is everything“.



I started switching over to Apple Music last night after some free trial listening that didn't suffer from any of the problems I have playing Spotify on my stereo HomePods. Honestly, that experience has become near unlistenable -- constant drop outs in one or both speakers. I much prefer the Spotify algorithm, Discover Weekly, etc., but the listening experience on Homepod is awful. When Airplay 2 is implemented, hopefully those problems will be fixed and I can return. 


Having waited for years for Spotify to get their act together I can't exactly say that I'm holding my breath for this to be resolved quickly. It was pure luck that we eventually got this thread noticed by a media outlet and forced Spotify to respond. And what a confused response it was. 


I recommend you all to get in touch with your local tech journalist and try to spark an interest: I want every test of Airplay 2 enabled speakers to inform consumers that Spotify – the world's biggest streaming service! – does not, in fact, support the technology. 


Curious how long implementation will take. More than willing to help I f Spotify is looking for beta testers for this feature 🙂


@Xenia @Mario


Has there been any movement of this feature?


It is extremely annoying that we can't normally use Apple products with Spotify.


Our whole home uses airplay 2 for multi-room because Spotify connect won't let us do multi-room with various brands/types of speakers. It would be great if you could select which options for streaming you want available in the home in the native listening on select a device menu, so devices that are connect and airplay 2 compatible only show up as one option or whichever way the user prefers. This is infuriating, and navigating two levels deep to get to airplay 2 over connect seems flawed when connect doesn't offer multi-room as a better alternative.