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I would love to have a feature where, similar to podcasts, listeners could look up their favorite TV shows (ie Parks and Recreation, The Office, Family Guy, BBC Sherlock), and listen to episodes. I like to listen to podcasts when I go to sleep and when I'm driving and sometimes I want to listen to my favorite shows, without running netflix (since I can't lock my phone). I would assume this would require some time of partnership with television producers to have partial ownership of the shows. However, I think a lot of people would largely support this based off of the amount of playlists with television show titles that already exist, as well as podcasts centered around them. 


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Casual Listener

It would be great to see all TV episodes on Spotify of the new feature of this project


Barefoot Contessa - Season 1 - 26 (and present)

Judge Judy - Season 1 -(present)

The Golden Girls - Season 1 - Season 7

Friends - Season 1 - Season 10

Rock Star 22
Rock Star 22
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Marked as new idea, which is a repost of this inactive idea.

Music Fan

How is this a feature request for Spotify (which is mostly a music/listening streaming service)?  Seems to me like a request better suited for Netflix (which is for movies/tv shows).

It is likely that Spotify would have to either increase the subscription price and/or make this a seperate service/subscription from music/etc. 


I would definitely switch to this TV streaming service on Spotify if it was here soon a lot of the streaming services today don't have all the tv shows you want on one streaming service.


It would be perfect if this feature for TV shows and Movies on Spotify and a free and premium option to watch.