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[iOS][Discover] Restore Touch Preview on iOS App

Touch preview removal on last iOS vers. update looks like it hasn't been a great idea. You are on time to restore it, one of the best Spotify features.

Updated on 2019-03-19



Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea!


This feature was originally removed from the app due to low engagement. There was a statement at the time which you can check out at


We're keeping this idea as 'Not Right Now', as it's not something we have any immediate plans to add back onto the app.


If we do have any new info to share we'll check back in here with a new status.



Here to further the conversation a bit:


I was equally displeased to hear this feature was discontinued.  As I read other responses I came across one about licensing that was rather accusatory and speculative at best.  I hope this will present a similar argument in a more positive light.


If there are legal obstacles of maintaining a touch preview, of course thats understandable from one customers point of view. Perhaps there are other problems that are being worked through that simply cannot be discussed at length with the customer.  Thats also a no-brainer.


However discontinuing this marvelous feature because of low engangement seems like a move in the wrong direction, and at worst completely baseless.  Were there complaints regarding this feature? A little transparency goes a long way.


I continue to believe Spotify is THE BEST streaming platform there is to date and worth the price of premium membership.  I have seen changes made that weren't great and then improved with the next update, so I know you all are listening and working hard to provide the best service.


Check the timestamp.  We're all still patiently waiting for this to come back!

It's been two years now since this feature has been removed, saying one was searching for new possibilities for this long press feature. I can't find any new function and really can't imagine a more useful one than the preview. Moreover, I can't really imagine a low engagement rate put forth as an argument back then. Therefore, could you please just bring this function back? I mean, it can't get more useless than it currently is, with actually no function behind it. Saying you want to make your community happy, bringing touch preview back would be one of the easiest ways to do so, as I see it.

Yes yes yes to this

Is it time to return force touch temporarily playing songs again?  It was an ultimate playlist building tool and regardless of the low engagement rate, those who did use it loved it, so why remove and addition that only adds value?  

What negative effect does it have on the app?  It’s not like force touch is being utilized for another tool.

Also, with newer iphones using force touch as a regular, common practice feature to use bery frequently compared to 4 years ago, what’s to say the tool will still have a low interaction rate if implemented again now?  As long as users know about it, I do think it would be an improvement and a unique feature that sets spotify apart, which is why I originally chose this platform anyway.


There has to be a reason that they don't want to implement it and I really believe it's a pressure from  big record companies. People don't need to discover major artists, but rather unknown indie ones. That's this feature is super inconvenient for major record labels because in their eyes it pulls people away from sponsored and officially curated playlists that gives them streams.


There is no other good explanation 


Checking in to air my support for the return of this feature. My friends and I were totally shook when this was removed several years ago, but I don't think any of us every signed on to the community to express our woes. This feature was obviously incredibly important for playlist building, as everyone recalls, but also really nifty when in control of the aux at a gathering and trying to decided which song to play next. If I recall, it would even play out of the mobile devices speakers rather than the connected speaker so as not to interrupt music. It's one of those features that made Spotify better than the competition.


Regardless of whatever reason it was removed, this feature was clearly the result of very thoughtful design on behalf of the developers and I'm sure they were disheartened to see it go. From the perspective of the user experience, everyone would like to see it restored. 

I agree
What’s funny is that Spotify updates the app every week and I notice zero improvements. But I did quite notice when they removed preview.

This has nothing to do with the functionality being discussed here. 


Please bring this feature back. Missing this every single time I use the Spotify App!


 This has been for sure my most beloved feature! I would be very grateful to see this coming back. 🙏