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[iOS] Do NOT automatically hide the Timer in Now Playing

A recent upgrade has resulted in the song timer blacking out in the Spotify App after a few seconds on a song -- I am a cycling instructor, and I need to see where I am in a track without having to reach down an hit the screen for it to show up again (I accidently jumped to the following track in the middle of a workout the other day trying to figure out where we were in the song). So yes, you can make it re-appear, but when you are leading a class with 50 people in it, and still riding, it is a huge pain to have to pick up your phone multiple times in a song, and very carefully tap the screen (without swiping) to see what minute mark you are at. Having the slider is not sufficient as we time our classes and songs with planned races and pickups (so, for example, I need to be able to know that there is a pickup at 1:22-157, and that there are 7 seconds before it happens, or 32 seconds until the end of the song, etc. etc.).


Removing the timer saves NO space on the screen, and is more of nuscance than anything else. Please bring back the song timer, or at least give people the option to say "Yes hide the timer after a few seconds", or, "No, leave the timer there".


There are thousands of fitness professionals in the same position -- along with my entire studio who use spotify, and we are all irritated with this new feature.


Please, please, PLEASE change it back. This has been a huge headache since last week's update.


Updated: 2015-07-29

Hey folks, we're marking this as a 'Good idea'. Continue to leave your feedback here and we'll keep bringing it back to the teams at Spotify, thanks!

You have to tap twice on the line to regain the information.

I too am having the SAME EXACT ISSUE! The weird part is I know other cycle instructors who have the same Sportify version downloaded as me and their time does NOT time out but mine does. Can anyone help??? Or I am going to have to use another music app 


Im a fitness instructor who relies on the seconds count down for my cycling class.  This is very inconvenient when it disappears  after s few seconds. 


Is it possible to go back to the recent Spotify then (before the upgrade) to get the timer showing all the time??


I feel having the timer up at all times, optional, or at the least, in a different position on the screen would be helpful.  As it stands now, it is below the scrolling time tracker, but the timer is only visible if you tap near the timeline.  Evry time I do that, I inadvertantly tap the timeline and move my podcast.  If the timer could be somewhere else, that would be helpful.  Thanks!


I totally agree!  Bring back the continous display of elapsed time on songs and NEVER take it away again. I use SPOTIFY when I teach fitness classes and present at fitness conferences. SOMETIMES there will be a continuous display of the song's playing time and then the feature disappears for weeks on end.  You are left having to tap the screen every few seconds to see how much time is left or where you are in the song. This is incredibly frustrating. I have used SPOTIFY for 5+ years and you have allowed this feature and taken it away numerous times. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back and make it stay. At the very least factor in an option for those of us who NEED IT so we can select it. Folks who don't need it, can skip it. You are toying with a large number of fitness professionals around the globe every time you take the "time elapsed" function away.

Thanks, Elaine
Just double tap the line!!! This has been gone over SO many times.
Thanks- minus the snarky tone.
It would have been great if the folks at SPOTIFY knew that.
I was on a live chat with them last night and they did not have a
I could not find one on FAQs and THEY asked me to post it as they use the
posts to determine which features to keep/ modify/ delete.

Problem solved. 🙂

I agree, the timer was great for us cycling teachers!  Fingers crossed it comes back!!