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[iOS] Like or dislike a song from the Lock Screen discover weekly playlist

When I'm playing the discover weekly playlist I could quickly like or dislike a song from the lock screen on my iPhone or iPad. This feature has been removed and replaced with a previous song button.


Now I have to unlock my phone, open Spotify and select the heart icon to like a song or select the three dots at the top of the now playing screen and select 'Hide song'


It was much more convenient to have the like or dislike option on the Lock Screen.


Please see screenshots below:


Before the update the like / dislike buttons on iPhone Lock Screen👇



After the update, the like / dislike option has been removed from the iPhone lock screen and been replaced with a previous song button 👇 


Updated on 2021-08-28

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Please, this has got to happen. On my android, it was great. I could go forwards, backwards, remove and LIKE songs all from my screen lock page (photo attached). On the iPhone SE 3 though, there is no like button. Why do I have to unlock my phone, open the app, click like, lock phone - how is this fun. I’ve lots of words here but irl am speechless.


In a decade of using Spotify I don’t know where to direct my frustration either, at Spotify or Apple. I miss my android. 😭🫠🥲


Just switched from an Android phone that had this feature. Disappointed that iPhone doesn’t


This used to be a feature on my last phone. I just got a new phone. It is gone. So now in order to dislike a song I have to unlock my phone, go to Spotify, go to now playing or the playlist, hit the ellipsis, then dislike. On that note, add the button back to the playlists so it can be selected without the ellipsis. Why all the extra steps? Especially during playing while driving, I don't want to miss disliking a song, but I also don't want to go through all the extra steps it takes.


We have been complaining about this for years now, and nothing is happening. 
Is it Apple that isn’t letting it happen or are Spotify just not listening?




it’s annoying to always have to unlock my phone by face unlock, and use the Spotify main app to like a song. 
its should be possible from Lock Screen to

like a song. A One tap like. Done.

(Not slow unlock, slow app switch, like, lock phone again. )

On my iPhone there is a big empty spot next to the “previous song” button. It’s waiting to have the heart icon next to it.



This should be possible for Spotify to easily add back now in theory with iOS 17.1 update as Apple had to add favorite icon to now playing widget on Lock Screen to promote their new feature from liking to favoriting in Apple Music. I would like to think Spotify can now connect that to their liking button as simple as that. Additionally, this would be even better when combined with the new StandBy mode on iOS 17 where you could see your songs playing on your desk’s docked stand and quickly like/unlike without having to remove from dock, unlock, open app, open Spotify now playing screen, then like it.



iPhone user who just recently switched from android. I also believe lockscreen should contain an easy one click like/dislike button for ease of use and amassing a catalog that will keep users on Spotify. With the recent change to the like button, now there is another step to remove songs from liked songs. These changes are poorly thought through. Long press exists.. which I think would be better for those who want to have it open an add/remove to playlists selector. 


It is now 2024 and I was just researching this - thinking, it must surely just be a switch you flip in the options, right? 
This is a feature that is so obvious to me... 

Please, please make this finally possible! 


If it was for me, you could easily ditch the "back" or even the "oscilloscope" thingy - nobody looks at that thing anyway... 😉