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Artists like Mitski and Soccer Mommy?


Artists like Mitski and Soccer Mommy?

Hey guys so I fell in LOVE with Mitski last year but haven't been able to find anyone quite like her or even with a similar sound. Her most recent album Be the Cowboy is incredible and got a lot of attention last year but, personally I'm equally a fan of her previous two, Bury Me at Makeout Creek and Puberty 2, as well, less refined sound but still haven't had much luck w/ matching it. I also really really like Samia and Soccer Mommy. Here's a mitski-inspired playlist I made that kinda branched into other tracks and artists that kind of fit the vibe. If anyone has any reccomendations for songs/artists that you think I might like based on Mitski/Samia/Soccer Mommy or the ones in this playlist I'd be forever greatful b/c I've been super stuck.


Feel free to follow if you decide you like it, but not fishing for follows, just recs! If y'all do have playlists w/ similar artists or combos and want to drop them below, go for it and i'll check them out.


But drop those reccccs b/c ya girl is STRUGGLIN 🙂

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Hey! I didn't know this artist until now, her songs are really cool! 


Here's a tip: I'm not sure if you've already done that, but I enjoy a lot the feature "Fans Also Like" that shares related/similar artists while visiting an artist's profile. Although not all of them may match your taste, but it's cool to keep navigating through this tab and just listen to their most Popular songs, you may find something interesting there 😉


By the way, thanks for sharing your playlist with us 😉

Aww I'm glad you like her songs! Definitely a pretty unique artist.


Hahaha I've actually been using the "Fans Also Like" since 2013 (when it was still called "Related Artists" :P). It's a really awesome tool in most cases, I think her sound is just so interesting to me that even those Top Songs from other artists have been a little off base for me b/c their fans tend to highlight different things (which is the beauty of finding new music!). So I was hoping that someone more cultured than I might be able to throw out a couple of songs from deeper into someones discography (or an artist spotify hadn't thought of) that could point me in the right direction.

Thank you for the advice though, I appreciate it!


And ofc! Threw it together completely by feel, but I love this playlist! So hoping someone else can find something in there too:)

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