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Fans also like disappeared


Fans also like disappeared

Hello, I am an artist named MAI TY and my fans also like disappeared and I don’t know why. I just wanna connect with people who are experiencing the same issues and see if there’s a solution to this issue. My monthly listeners have only increased since then so I find it strange. Is my account in a specific playlist that’s causing this issue?

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Hey @Tylersbach 


Oh, the playlists you're in won't affect this feature in such a way.

Fans Also Like is an algorithmically populated feature, which uses data fitting a specific timeframe from a variety of sources, such as your fans' listening habits, what’s written about you on Spotify, and music discussions and trends happening around the internet. The reason why it disappeared might be because there wasn't enough data to build that list at the time.


You can try sharing your music more on social media and update your Artist Bio. Once there is enough data for Fans Also like to work with, the feature will return. : )


Hope this helps, have a lovely day!

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