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How do you become a playlist curator?


How do you become a playlist curator?

Hi guys ! I have been extremely interested in learning how to become a playlist curator for Spotify. I am very passionate about music, finding new music, and coming up with niche playlist ideas and accompanying aesthetics. Does anyone have any tips on getting started or about the process?


I attached a couple images of my playlists right now, which are color coordinated by row. However, I also create digital art and I am thinking about using my own art for playlist covers. In the future, this would benefit not only my own art brand, but the artists that I would promote on these playlists too. I can't wait to get started! 😊🎶


my spotify:

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Nice images .. I like the 2pc one .. classic !

Nice images (2)
I like how the Spotify community pushes people to create and take care about their playlists, make them unique, up-to-dated and simply as flawless as possible.

I can't answer your question unfortunately BUT i absolutely LOVE your playlist layout!!!!!!!! It's SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I really hope you do find out how to become a curator - you definitely deserve it! 🙂 


Also if u do and are looking for lesser known artists to promo haha here are a couple I think you may like/that fit the aesthetic vibe of your page:


I would also love to become a Spotify lay list curator!! I just don’t know where to start. I have about 7 playlist with different types of music. Please go look at my account and spread the news. My username is: stasbarber123456789! 

One way to achieve this is a mix of popular and new artists... Use your playlist key html to drop into websites and build QR codes to take with you everywhere you go... Ask people to scan the code...Also create a banner in which you can throw up new QR codes for anything that you want people to listen to.... Send your songs and I will drop them into a few playlists...


Check out the Artist : Brooklyne on all music platforms.... She is a longtime worldwide music curator 






Hello and good day


I'm Interested in being a Curator and wondering if someone could help me or point me in the right direction.

I recently logged in on and have been uploading lyrics and syncing songs for the past 4-5 days. But when I logged in today, Friday 31st of March, my account was reset and I believe it's due to previous inactivity and perhaps that I asked to be removed from the Rock star program, around seven years ago. 


I have a passion for music and I found it very satisfying once again to scour the web in search of lyrics, upload them, and syncing songs. So I'd love to keep doing it if possible.



Peter McLashlan Iversen

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