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How to connect with the audience


How to connect with the audience

Without a doubt, one of the biggest difficulties the artist faces is being able to create a connection with the public, without it, his career doesn't walk, his songs don't impact and his shows don't enchant. In order for you to be able to create a strong connection with your audience, you need to work on three important pillars that are:

1st Artistic Concept - Without an artistic concept you have no signature, you are what we call a generic artist, you do what anyone else does; there's nothing spatial about it.

2nd Empathy - Without empathy it is extremely difficult to create a connection with another person, empathy is that feeling that two or more people are part of the same world.

3rd Charisma - Wow, charisma is a magnet for people, charismatic artists attract thousands of fans, you need to awaken your charisma.

All these attributes can be developed, don't worry if you are not yet a super charismatic, friendly or outgoing person, all this can be trained with drama and communication classes. Believe it or not, great artists to this day train these three pillars, always look for a concept behind their songs and projects, constantly train empathy by studying their audiences and perfecting their charisma all the time, from so much training, one hour comes out naturally .

So, artist, what did you think of this article? Comment below, your feedback is important, thanks!

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