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Improve your music performance on Spotify


Improve your music performance on Spotify

The great artists are constantly evaluating the performance of their brands, places of growth and also those of fall. It is very important for you as an artist to have an idea of ​​the growth and fall of your brand, that way, you can get a sense of why in a certain place your music is doing well and in another it is doing poorly, when you can see this data you can apply the same metrics in locations that are weak.

Usually, the major labels, in addition to the information from the charts of Social Networks, Platforms, YouTube and Crowley, use the Likert Rating Scale, created by Rensis Likert. This scale helps the label and manager find the reasons why an artist's brand is doing well in one place and bad in another. Even if you are not yet a national level artist, it is important that you always analyze this data and create your Likert Scale adapted to your reality, create one for each media that you promote your music, it's very simple, check it out:

On a board you will make a horizontal line draw a few lines from 0 to 10 like a ruler, divide this graph into 4 phases, at the left end of the graph you will write "None", then write "Little", then write "Considerable" and on the right end write "A lot. Let's use Spotify as an example: you will indicate how much you pay attention to your Spotify, if it is a little, below a little you will say why you pay little attention, and under a lot you will write what you need to do to give your Spotify a lot of attention, and do it for all the media you use to promote your sound, like all the other performance tools you're learning here, in the simplicity this one is fantastic, it's going to bring insights and get you out of procrastination.

This tool is used at the highest industrial echelon, and now you can use it to better your performance as an artist and as a person alike.


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