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Playlist: 70s hits - The greatest hits of the 70s


Playlist: 70s hits - The greatest hits of the 70s

I listened to the playlist mentioned in the subject today and was severely disappointed.  Mainly because Spotify inserted into this playlist a long list of songs by Retrofile.  None were 70s hits.  Why are all these songs in the playlist? How are these playlist built? Why insert songs that clearly do not fit the playlist title?


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I don't know the answer to the question but if a playlist contains out of place songs you could just create your own playlist minus the odd songs. It's a bit finicky, but you'll only get the tracks you like then! 😀

They are inside 80s and 90s playlists too. I immediately stop listening and find a new playlist. Those playlists were probably made by them. If they were any good maybe I’d keep listening. 

I suffered from the same tragedy so I finally got fed up and searched for a fix.  If you open the artist page and hit the three dots there is an option "don't play this artist"  it was very welcome! Hopefully I can save some people the agony of hearing this awful artist. Never heard of them.  They don't belong!

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Original Albums especially compilation albums are having their tracks replaced with either fake soundalikes or artists who were never a hit in the first place. This is very frustrating. I thought it only seemed to affect 2-Tone music replaced with original Ska but its affecting Reggae in general I found many a tracks here different from  Discogs track listing.  The upshot is you based a playlist on a compilation, chances are tracks over time are being replaced... Why no idea.... Cheaper Licencing. Who cares if a song for example Kingston Town - UB40 is replaced by Kingston Town by the Babyloneons or the original jamican a

artist release.?  When it hits standard candles, imagine Sinatra - My Way replaced by Mark Tremonti 2022
With no physical media, our share Music history is being lost to time. Only the replacements will remain...


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