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Share your music with the Community


Share your music with the Community

Many of the active users both in Spotify and in the Community are creating their own music. If you'd like to share your band with the group please post here. 


Please note though that if you would like to promote your own music we ask that under 10% of your posts in the Community be about your own work. You have to be a regular poster within the boards to gain the ability to promote your own music.


Once you've become a contributor in the boards feel free to share websites, Spotify Play Buttons, etc. Thanks folks.



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New classic rock single from Gordon Lee Weaver   COME FRIDAY NIGHT  experience the juicy oddness now!

Hii all, here are my playlists that I compiled to accompany me throughout different stages of mood :') Hope you liked it! feedbacks and comments are open 😄

Playlist I listened to when I am getting ready

chill rnb songs:

UK Garage/ 2Step:

sad songs :

another calming rnb soul songs: 

pop, rap, house music: 

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