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Hey everybody! 

I'm a music enthusiast always searching for new indie/alternative tracks and playlists. If you are too, then this is the place for you to discover, share and indulge in some good music. Here for some recommendations? I'd love if you'd be able to take a look at some of my playlists, I've linked one down below (my pride and joy to be exact). Feel free to share some of yours too!


Cheers 🙂 





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I find Bardique nice folk music, the other is pure electronic which I don't prefer much.


About the artists and songs I prefer 🙂

Couldn't lisren to first link, because couldn't open it!


Really good band Falling Throuh April although not completely my style 🙂

Good stuff, especially this one

Heart of Darkness

It's in my playlist now



Re-discovered Belly

I love this song from them

Seal my Fate


this has a mixture to be honest, but feel free to check it out

Hi Rob


Thank you so much for taking the time to listen and respond. 


Yes I wrote both songs but I had help of other musicians to complete them. Thank you for adding Satin Flowers to your playlist!  I will follow you and post playlistson social media to help get more followers 😊


Yes I’m also on YouTube and many others. I will look at your link, thanks for your help. 



Sheree 🎸


Hi there,


Can you send me the link to your playlist with Satin Flowers on and I will give it a follow and share?




Rock and roll from West Virginia. (No fiddles or banjos though...)

Our newest single -


and our debut album-



Great stuff! Here's one i'm starting up, hoping it will get big!

How about including this on your playlist too? good rock music!:

If you're into getting to know more about one band specifically, maybe you should try The Flaming Lips

Hi There!


What do you think of the new TAXI JOE single? Worth a bite?

We're an alt-rock revivalist band from Portland, OR. Check out our latest single "Gone Electric"!

Hey there~


I would be honored if you could take a moment to listen to this song and let me know if it has a place in your music lib!





Here's a link to FloodHounds' new single 'Take It Too Far'
Would love it if anyone wanted to include it on any playlists
Hope you like it! 

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