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Looking for new up and coming artist to tune into.


Looking for new up and coming artist to tune into.

Please give our playlist a follow and take a listen if you have time. We will be listening to everything thats posted here. thank you ❤️

39 Replies

sorry for sending twice

Current favorites. Hope you like it!

These are some of my favorites at the moment. It is a combination of pop, hip hop, rap, R&B and EDM. A mixture of everything. Great for a gym shesh. Hope you like it!

Check out this new fast growing finnish rapper meaby you could add some of his songs in your playlists. Have nice day 🙂

Sripper Cover.jpg

I saw this band, Oxbloods, last week. They were a support act, but were brilliant.

Just released a new track last friday! Hope you dig.

If you like more melodic rap than I feel like you might like this song! It's one of my favorite's I've made, sonically. Lmk what you think!

Hey, would be nice if you could listen to my song and tell me what you think! I will listen to your playlist as well 🙂 

Hey, I recently dropped my first release, an album of eclectic tunes. It's Bluesy, funky, jazzy, electronic, hopefully soulful, rockish music! I hope you like it:

Just followed your playlist 🙂

Here's my debut, although it's more of a teaser / intro for whats to come.

Not sure how to embed properly so here's the link


Give a follow back too if you can - Mandalus 



Hey there, great playlist! This is the latest stuff from Arliston, more coming next month!! Have a listen and tune in for new releases!



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