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Monthly Playlist: January


Monthly Playlist: January

I make monthly playlists, and I have started a January 2020 Playlist.  Feel free to listen; I would love music recommendations!!!

This month I have been into calmer music, and I have also been enjoying sentimental longs from the last decade.  Some of the genres include: folk, indie, pop, psychedelic, rock, alternative, and more!  I am open to new genres and artists : )

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Hi, thanks!

Putting out my second album, Small World, 2/11/2020. Itd be my absolute pleasure to present this to you and hopefully you like it enough to playlist it!

You have such a unique sound! I am going to recommend you to a couple of my friends that enjoy similar styles, and they are perfect for my study playlist (that I listen to a ton) due to your songs being instrumental. Thank you for sharing!

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