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Promote your favorite lesser known artist!


Promote your favorite lesser known artist!

Maybe they're a new artist, maybe they've been around for years but they don't get the attention they deserve.  Whatever the case may be, here's your chance to help them out.  Post the link to your favorite song of theirs and lets get them some listeners.  


The link to mine is:

353 Replies

For alternative rock lovers out here. Check these guys out! They're from the Philippines and just recently released an all English 5 track EP! Cheers!

Hi ! If you like Jazz, go check it !

Thanks !

If you like ambiant / new age music, have a listen at this beautiful album from artist Patrick Revelli

Spotify artist doing video games music covers.
55+ covers available on Spotify

Nu jazz and neo swing band from Austria called Parov Stelar.

Psych-leaning indie rock act Marble Mammoth draws your mind to the experimental side of early Tame Impala as well as classic rock acts like Led Zepplin, The doors and Cream. Check em out.

I was searching for new loud rock songs as i like them, and i found these some of these artists that i never knew before.  I was stunned by Devil Electric





I love this record you posted just added it to my playlist . Here’s mine

There's an artist called Bedrooms and he makes incredible music. Here's the link to the artist page:

The Hard Rock list that changes weekly. We also take any suggestions just contact us via @TheBandSpine

This Is Rock.jpg

Hi guys Please follow and stream my music, i have a couple of songs on my artist page that you might enjoy: i'll generously follow back, message me up! 🙂


Artist Link for your Artist Page in Spotify:

Here are all my releases so far! 😉


Not Profane - Top 40 Pop Singer/Songwriter from Germany

thanks for these songs, i really enjoy them!

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