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Collaborative playlist links not working

Hey everyone, 


We've received some reports from users who have issues joining and inviting other users to collaborative playlists.


This is being investigated.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to say that this should now be fixed in version 8.9.34. Make sure to upgrade before generating another link and do let us know if the issue persists with this app version.



I started a new Spotify account since Spotify doesn't allow username changes in 2024. So I'm recreating playlists and trying to invite my other account as a collaborator so that I can continue adding to playlists and don't lose -everything- that I'd lose when changing accounts. But when using the web browser version of Spotify, I don't have an add collaborator button. Any thoughts on why that is, how to fix it (without having to sign out of desktop Spotify if possible), and whatever else I need to know?

there used to be an option that was just ‘make collaborative’ which used to work and was very easy now that button has gone, it is there when an existing user is already collabed and it says ‘make uncolloborative’ I clicked that and now and I can’t get them back hope this helps


I’m having this same issue. I have clicked “invite collaborator” and sent both the first and second link, neither give my husband editing access. He is following me as well. I’ve also tried to copy the link and send it that way and closing the app and opening it again, nothing is working. We already have a collab playlist for our kids and that one worked so easily. This is extremely frustrating. 


Yup, this feature is completely broken

Collaborator invite is not working. The URL that sends is only available to view.
I have tried with 3 friends 3 different accounts multiple different playlists with different ways of copying and sending the invite collaborator link and they do not work. The link just simply takes you to the playlist itself and just lets you view it. It does not actually invite you and you cannot join and add songs. This has been a problem previously and is marked as resolved but it seems the issue is back. This is being tried on IOS and has also been tried on windows and the same result has occurred

The same thing has been happening to me today


I’m also having this issue. My app is up to date and I’ve tried clearing my cache and uninstalling the app and nothing works. 


broken for me too. reinstalled app and cleared cache but didn't work


This is happening on my end too as well as for both my friends I want to collaborate with. We all attempted to make a new playlist (that’s public) and invite collaborator. When we open the link, it just shows us the playlist and doesn’t add us as collaborators or let us add songs. We all tried clearing the cache, redownloading the app, and tried on mobile (IOS) and on a MacBook. We tried using the blend but we would rather add specific songs. Can we please get this bug fixed ASAP?!?