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Daily Mixes Don't Refresh, Change, or Update

My Daily Mixes pretty much remain the same. They rarely update, playing the same songs ad nauseum. They are also not intuitive. The first daily mix is pretty accuarate, but I can only tolerate a small number of songs in the other mixes. 


I continue to like new songs, so it should be refreshing, adding more options. Why don't the Mixes refresh and add new songs? Why do they remain static? And why do I have the same series of mixes?


I should add that this occurs regardless of the platform, and whethere my system is up-to-date or not. This is a Spotify flaw. 







iPhone 6s, iPad mIN4, Mac desktop, and Windows Desktop

Operating System

iOS 12.1.4, iOS 12.1.1, Windows 10, and Mac High Sirra 10.13.2 (respectively).


Hey folks,


Thank you for reporting this issue to us and for your continued patience.


We just wanted to let you know that the right folks are looking into this.


We're not able to provide an exact timeline for a fix, but we'd recommend always keeping your Spotify app up to date to ensure you're on the latest version.


Thanks again!


My Daily Mixes have remained unchanged on my phone for the past several weeks. I've been through all the troubleshooting steps with @SpotifyCares and no change. One thing I noticed is that if I do a search for Daily Mix I see different mixes, changing daily, but when I try to click on them they won't play. Do you get the same thing? I've been told my problem is an "isolated case" (I've found at least two others reporting it just in the day or two round when I was.....) and so the techs have no idea what to do. As a result I've subscribed to Google Play Music, but would rather have my daily changing Daily Mixes back!


Dear VIPerth,

totally the same with Daily Mixes search.


I click Search tab, search for "Daily Mix", I select first search result "You Daily Mix (Genre)" and I get renewed Daily Mixes. When I try to click on any Daily Mix, nothing happens.

Below I have You Discover Weekly and You Release Radar, which are working.


But these Daily Mixes are the same as for Spotify on PC.


Maybe these finding will let Spotify to find root cause faster.


Status changed to: Under investigation

Hey all,


Thanks for sending us over all the examples!


The issue should now be fixed. So be sure to do a reinstallation so you are up-to-date. If the issue is still occurring, please hit +vote and leave a comment with the following:


  • Device
  • OS version
  • Spotify version
  • How long your Daily Mixes haven't updated

We'll investigate and keep you up to date in this Ongoing Issue.


Have a nice day.


Dear Guido,


I have just reinstalled Spotify as per manual (even restarted device).

Still the same issue as 6 weeks ago.


Now I can see items under Made for you on Home screen in this order :

Daily mix 1, Daily mix 2, Discover Weekly, Daily Mix 3, Daily Mix 4, Daily Mix 5, Daily Mix 6, Your Top Songs 2018, Tastebreakers, Release Radar.


Probably I have to wait until Daily Mixes won't automatically update later, but I'm not sure.


Thank you.


What hal4ed said. It didn't fix it for me.


Not a fix for me either. I cleared cache, cleared data, uninstalled and reinstalled. Still the same Daily Mixes etc that I've had for something like two months now.


I am in Australia, running Android Pie (latest update) on a Nokia 6. Newly installed Spotify is version


Same here, still the same Mixes even after reinstalling 


I have had this problem for well over a month.  I have Spotify on iOS, Mac, Win and multiple Rokus.  Very hard to log out of all devices and re-install.  I have tried that on iOS and Win w/ no luck.  There should be a way for this to be refreshed.  Would be even cooler if that funct. were exposed to the user.


@Guido @ It is not fixed, daily mixes froze about 6 weeks ago. They had been updating like clockwork for many months prior. I only use Spotify on my phone at the gym and relied solely on the daily mix lists for what I would be listening to, and also cause it doesn't limit skips and let's me seek position in songs, which is great, since I'm a free user

-Reinstalled Spotify using the recommended steps, no change.


-Samsung note 8 running Pie(android 9) updated to June 1 2019 security patch


-Froze around 6 weeks ago or so


I'm really confused with the issue, Spotify engineers are unable to resolve for almost 2 months.

If you would expect me to see your premium user again, please fix this one.


Now my Daily Mixes it seems are refreshing, but looks like normal playlists without possibility to choose random song.