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LG TV App Skipping all songs

I am using Spotify Premium on my 2016 Macbook, IPhone 7, and an LG 43UM7600PLB from 2020. This all worked fine until 3 days ago when the app on the LG TV stopped working.


Problem: On the LG TV app Spotify skips songs after 1 second and jumps to the next song in the playlist. When reaching the end of the playlist, it plays that song for 10 seconds before stopping. After that it no longer responds to input from the remote. The apps on Macbook and IPhone work fine. All other apps on the TV work fine.


I tried/checked:

- TV has a 100Mbs connection (checked with speed test)

- Reinstalled LG Spotify app. No change.

- Reset TV to factory settings and reinstalled app. Worked for 1 hour, then back to problem.

- Reset the network connection on TV. No change.
- Reinstalled apps on Phone and Macbook. No change.

- Disconnected all devices from account and logged in again. No change.


Any ideas?


Ps: I've now done about 7 captchas, had to update the labels twice, and am now waiting for "Post flooding detected (user tried to post more than 2 messages within 300 seconds)". This board is as usable as a car without steering wheel...

Hey folks, 


Since we have not received any new reports on this issue, we'll be closing it. 


We recommend keeping your app up to date with the latest Spotify version available for you. If you're still experiencing this issue, make sure to create a new thread in the Help Boards.


Take care.


the same thing is happening to me but on my chromebooks  

i emailed **bleep** a video of exactly whats happening from my email 


the same thing is happening i've asked my friends they are having the same issue so if i can do anything to help i will

it is skiping through all songs


Using Chrome OS Version 76.0.3809.136 (Official Build) (64-bit)

First, I get  3 commercials, then each songs skip after playing 3-10 seconds. Then silence during the 3rd song.

Then the process repeats.

Unable to play any full song in any of my playlists or album.


Hi there, I’ve been having the same issue on my mobile device as well. I’ve followed all the above mentioned suggestions but songs still don’t seem to play properly? If I go backwards the song also doesn’t seem to play or it stalls at 10sec? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


@Mihail I'm having the same issues that the other commenters are describing on an LG OLED65C7P smart TV using Spotify app version 2.0.20.

This is a legitimate bug and should not require users to "vote" for it--the app is completely broken. Please escalate to your engineering team and get a fix out.


I found a workaround to get music playing again on my LG TV:

1. Uninstall the Spotify LG TV app

2. Install the Amazon Music LG TV app

3. Use Amazon Music


This is also happening to me on the web player and the app.


The webOS app is completely unusable. It randomly skips songs for 5 seconds, plays one for like 7 seconds, then all play interactions are unresponsive. webOS version: 05.40.09, spotify verson: 2.0.20. Please forward the issue to the engineering team for fixing.


it is happening to me on the web player and the app


I am also having an issue with Spotify no longer working through my LG tv app. It was working fine until the latest update on September 28th 2021 (Version 2.0.21). Immediately after I updated the spotify app on my tv - the app stopped working. Spotify will load. I can open a playlist but when i push play it skips through about 5 songs and then plays a song for roughly 10 seconds before stopping. If i try to play that song again, or another song, nothing happens. What am I paying my subscription for?! Please fix this latest update issue ASAP team!