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Podcast plays previous episode instead of the next

Hello everyone,


We've received reports that people been having issues with auto playing podcast episodes from oldest to newest. Podcast plays previous episode instead of the next one.

Hey folks,


We've tested this on our and can confirm that the issue has been resolved, so we'll set this one to Fixed.


If you're still having trouble, make sure to post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Screenshot 2023-11-10 095952.png

podcasts still playing new to old, and no option to change the order, it is all BS from Spotify devs claiming it is sorted, here is my screenshot from your app against your word.


I've been playing the Bible Project podcast in oldest to newest order all year, no problem. Then, about a month ago, Spotify started playing a random song, usually from an artist or album in my library, every time I got in the car and connected to the bluetooth, instead of resuming the podcast or whatever I was last playing. Around the same time, it started playing the previous episode instead of the next episode when an episode finished. The first issue seems to have stopped, but I'm still having to go and manually select the next podcast episode every time.


I do not see where a fix was stated for this but it shows per spotify that it is corrected. Is there a fix for this or not.


It is not. Jeremy from Spotify lied about it being fixed and ignored the immediate follow up of people saying it is still an issue. Presumably because it was easier than actually fixing it, and there's clearly no mechanism at Spotify that keeps one of their employees from just claiming the users are all lying.


I'm sure Jeremy got a nice bump on his year end bonus for marking this issue with it's increasingly growing thumbs up "fixed." Good job Jeremy.


Sorry, I'm jaded from this experience. Spotify should be embarrassed, if only there was an adult there looking at this thread / issue.


Podcast plays previous episode instead of the next. This is still not fix. It’s annoying


Not fixed.