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Recently Played section missing from Home screen

Folks are reporting that the Recently Played section is missing from their Home screens across platforms.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your patience while we looked into this issue.


We’re happy to announce that this should now be fixed for everyone 🙂


If you're still having trouble you can post a new thread in the relevant help board here.




Dear Spotify iOS product team,


I come to you in love and on my knees. I love you, thank you for working on such an amazing product, and I appreciate you. Thank you for providing my favorite music experience. I don’t know if you’ll read this, but oh well.

Itly but I can no longer deal with the changes on the home page. I am distraught. I dislike logging in and seeing everything out of order once every few weeks. It’s disorienting and frustrating. Everything changes on a day to day basis: let my fave music app not be one of them. Every minor change feels monumental because I’m so used to finding everything I need in a specific place. I could scroll on the Spotify app with my eyes closed, but with your constant tweaks I no longer can. 


I understand experimentation is part of the product design process and so I have a few suggestions.


-Could you please provide a toggle for returning to the old home page design? Or to opt in for a beta version? You can definitely experiment but a heads up would be much, much appreciated. 

-Is there a data-backed reason for the changes you make? Are you carrying out surveys that tell you people are dissatisfied with the home page experience? IMO these types of changes should come with an announcement, like “We’re making it easier than ever to find your favorite music” and then you describe your UI changes. 


-If you take nothing at all from this essay, let it be this: Change everything you want but please leave the recently played carousel alone. I depend on that ENTIRELY bc I listen to entire albums just to test them out and I want to easily find them again before deciding whether to add them to my library. The recently played button on the top left is not sufficient, especially because it only lists individual songs.


Many thanks for reading, if you have 




Plan: Premium

Country: ES

Device: Windows 10 Laptop, Windows 11 tower, Android 11 phone, macOS 13.4 (literally all my devices have the same issue)



Today I just noticed that the "Recently Played" section from the home page have gone for my account. I asked other people and some had this section and other do not have. For reference, see this other post - already checked this but no luck some of the suggestions in it.


Tried to look any information whether this is some error, or "improvement" made on the product or whatever, but no luck. So I guess this is just some kind of error that is happening to my account (and possibly others).


I use a lot this section to quickly start playing stuff I listened recently, and I would like to have it back if possible. Would be a shame if this issue ends up being another "improvement" of those that recently happen in Spotify.


Thanks, Melchor.


i'm having the same issue, hope it isn't permanent, i need the recently played section.


Spotify keeps 86ing this recently played feature when they test new home pages. So stupid. At least this new home page isn’t as bad as the last redesign they tried and I don’t have to see Joe Rogan podcast anymore. Spotify, stop dropping the recently played section. Put it at the top of the homepage and leave it. 






Operating System

(Windows 10)


After the last updates or something, my "Recently Played" list is gone, no where to find on Desktop App, can someone help me fix this, i really like my music tracked so i can keep up with what i'm listening and discovering currently. Really upsetting having the "Recently Played" gone.



Seconded. Soooo dumb. Leave the recently played carousel - for once and for all. 


Same here please fix it 


Having the same issue! It’s my favorite feature of Spotify and it has disappeared before and then re-appeared. Been gone all day, which is the longest it’s been gone for…


Completely agree! The behavior is the same for me. I need a place to test new music before adding them. Recently played acts as a backlog of items to be determined if they’ll be added to my library.


Same here, where is it ??


Don't tell me this bug is a "feature" 😡