Making a Spotify UX for those with wide and diverse tastes


Making a Spotify UX for those with wide and diverse tastes

Gig Goer

I like Charts, Generes & Moods, New releases, and Discover. I find stuff I never heard on them.


But these helpful features are 99% or so geared toward popular music. Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Latin, etc.

I listen to all of that too. But not as much as other genres. Yet, Spotify thinks I am 25 years old and I ONLY listen to Hip Hop, Rap, Rock, Latin, etc. I'm not 25. I am all grown up (although, having worked at a massive Tower Records as a teen and in college for summers, I pretty much have ALWAYS listened to all kinds of music!) 

So it is not about age or, does spotify think it is about age? I think they are missing an age(less) group of listeners with diverse tastes.


I often ask my 18-28 year old college students what do they listen to? "Everything" was the most common answer. When I would look at playlists, it looked a lot like mine.

When I was their age, that was rare. If you did not name/follow the cool band of the moment (U2, Police, etc., up until the pop singers took over in the 90s then hip hop), nobody cared. The exception might be reggae. Everyone was into that, at least in the summer. Even many non pot smokers! A testiment to the attraction some small music generes hold on youth. I heard a story about a young musician recently. He mentioned Ska. One of the first non conformist genres I got into. Big time.

So now, as back then, I also listen to a LOT of Classical, Jazz, World, Brazilian music (but not pop or Samba always!) and West African blues and on and on.

- I wish Charts included more genres. Top classical, top romantic/baroque/mideavael, etc. Top Jazz. I think Billboard breaks it down like this too. Hey, Billboard: partner with Spotify!
- I wish, Generes & Moods included more that those over 30 who might be interested in (less pop, more classical and Jazz, etc.)

- I wish New Releases were broken down a bit more. How about a classical new release and Jazz new release just to start?!

- I wish Discover was more out of the box. In a way Apple iTunes Radio (paid) does it nicely. You slide a slider from Hits to Variety to Discovery. It works too! This could be done with radio stations or even with an artist. That "slider" idea (which could be a wheel or some other graphic spectrum tool so Apple does not freak out) could be applied to anything on Spotify.
Even the tool can be custom to the genere. I am no longer hip to Reggae terms but, you know like Mellow, more Mellow, Extreme Mellow. Somebody get Snoop Dog on that one…