2017 WrapUp & (does it count) Offline Mode?

2017 WrapUp & (does it count) Offline Mode?


Here's what I found on reddit:


The consensus there is: maybe? I only have 7800 minutes played. It seems too low. Anyone know for certain or have any anecdotal experience on how 2017 WrapUp works? Do your numbers add up?


Another peculiarity is that it says I only 'explored' 5 genres, and lists my top 5 different variations of rock. But I have a few rap songs, reggae and chill step in my top 100. Does explored 5 genres mean listenned to 5 new genres in 2017 vs 2016?

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Hi Zisforzorro!

From my own personal analysis and cross comparison for an entire year with Last.Fm the answer is ... 90% No.

For it to count with Spotify I came to the conclusion that offline and local files do not count as streaming data in their review. My top song that Spotify gave me was nowhere near my top song with Last.Fm. (We are talking a massive 20,000 playcount difference.) In fact, all of my top 2017 songs - while definitely well played and loved - are not in the right order or most should not even have made the list.
And that's because - while using the Spotify player - it was reading off my hard drive copy that I owned and not the web stream itself (Spotify's version).

This is still just a theory mind you ... but based on how closely I track my music with Last .fm in live time I was expecting a much closer comparison in Spotify's wrap up.

I realized this much too late though in November that this was likely happening (not counting my local plays). I deactivated my local files since I just listen to 90% of the same artists from Spotify's catalog anyhow and do not play anything offline anymore just to be on the safe side. (theory for that is that if it's not syncing with the Spotify server to stream it - it's counting as a local HD file).

This then gave me a clearer explanation as to why all the songs I "binged" at year end were the ones that made the top 100 and really never should have.

Yes, I am rather obsessive with music! And I really enjoy Spotify's year in review 🙂

But I'll have to wait for next year now to see if I match up better. I only joined Last.Fm last year for this very reason - but now lesson has been learned. 😛 Last will definitely track everything though - local or not - so long as it is actively scrobbling while you listen. I find it interesting to toggle between them both.

You can also reference Spotify.Me for some current live stats on your recent listening trends. It's not very thorough for alot of deep detail, but is still an interesting tool.

Hopefully all of this somehow answered your question. 😄


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