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A random song keeps autoplaying halfway through whatever I'm listening to

A random song keeps autoplaying halfway through whatever I'm listening to

A truly awful song (Shooting Star XG) just keeps autoplaying sometimes halfway through whatever I'm listening to. It's not on my queue and I don't know how it even got suggested to play for me (it most certainly is not in my likes). Please make it stop
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i thought i was the only one

this has also been happening to me

Same for me. Awful song will auto play after 35 seconds(ish)

This is also happening to me. It's beyond frustrating. I'm not able to play any of my music without shooting star popping up.

Anyone figured out how to stop it? Such a vibe killer

Jesus I thought I was going crazy or something. Why is it happening tho?

I suggest going to the Artist’s page and go to the options menu (3 dots) and select “Don’t Play This Artist”. My friend was having the same issue and this seemed to have solved it. Hope this helps! 

I don't have this option unfortunately!

  1. i selected this option and now my spotify crashes instead of playing the song

Hey folks,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and welcome. Sorry for the late response as we just came across this thread.


When a song is a recommendation or a suggestion made for you, it should play after the current song you're listening to, but not in the middle of it. If your app starts playing that specific song in the middle of a track, it's possible that someone else is logged to your account without permission and manipulating the playback to give some "listeners" to that artist.


In case you haven't tried before, it's worth checking first the Play Queue to see if it has the song added to it. If so, we'd recommend clearing it.


If the issue persists, we'd first recommend logging out everywhere by following the steps in this article to kick any intruder out of your account. However, if the issue still happens, we highly recommend performing a security process on your account by following all the steps mentioned in this article.


Hope this helps. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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