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Add Spotify Radio to SONOS, please!


Add Spotify Radio to SONOS, please!

Spotify, please provide SONOS with the ability to support Spotify Radio. 



From the SONOS community:


John M, an employee of Sonos, replied to Add Spotify radios to Sonos !!!, an idea about Sonos.

Thank you everyone for the responses and feedback. Please let me assure you that this item is still under consideration by Sonos and that we are committed to providing a world-class Spotify experience on Sonos.

Spotify Radio was originally introduced as a Spotify App on the desktop Spotify client before being made available to the mobile app versions. Spotify Apps are small applications written within the Spotify platform and are not made available to third-party platforms like Sonos at this time. Spotify does not yet provide us with the ability to support Spotify Radio. We understand that this is a top feature request from the Sonos-Spotify community and are in discussions with Spotify on possible future implementation.

If you feel strongly about the Spotify Radio feature on Sonos, be sure to add your comments to the Spotify community, in addition to this topic here. Like Sonos, Spotify is a company that greatly values the opinions and feedback of their user community. 

177 Replies

Hi, I really really want the radio / genre function on Sonos, so much so that I'm trialling GooglePlayMusic for a month free because they seem to have been able to offer this functionality. I do NOT want to go to Google, I want to stay with Spotify but not so much that I'm willing to forgo this if someone else is offering it - please please get this fixed. Or tell me a way around it. Thanks.


I've waited long enough now (more than a year) , I canceled my account today and switched to Deezer which I was testing for some days.  Flow works well on Sonos, and everything I used on spotfify is there on Deezer too.


It seems every other provider can deliver a radio function on sonos, except spotify ...

Spotify just won't listen to their customers, so they don't need us I'd say !


I'm a BIG Sonos fan and I stream music through it most of the day, almost every day.


I just became a Spotify premium subscriber a couple of days ago and soon realized it is not possible to see my staions in Sonos apps, I was disappointed. The inability to see my stations may be a deal breaker for me. Luckily, I have three months to decide.

Hello today still without incorporating radio stations . Apparently Apple before Christmas Music will be available on Sonos and certainly incorporate radio.

Same old every company bending over backwards to accommodate Apple, which really annoys me and actually makes me not want to buy their overpriced gear.

Weird, i rented a house in Tahoe that had apple ipad with sonos and worked fine?

....with spotify



At last the RADIO-FUNVTION is implemented. Both for artist and song.


Grat function. I knew you could do it.


Newly became Rising Star.
Not yet experienced, but willing to learn.
If i can help, don't hesitate to ask. 🙂

I don't see my radio stations on Sonos on my Android phone. I see Genres and Moods, which may be Spotify's radio stations. I see Your Music, with songs, albums and playlists. So where would I look for my radfio stations?

That's all there is, Genres and Moods, no personal radio stations on Sonos.

This sucks!

The post before mine says otherwise. Could it still be in beta?

I'm on Sonos version 6 and I don't have it.

Ah, 6.2.1 is out.

Hopefully we get radio upgraded.

Well, I updated Sonos to 6.2 and got Apple Music but Spotify radio is unchanged.

Marked as solution



Spotify Radio was released on Sonos October 2015.


See this link for details and links to usage instructions:


I just tried this and it works. It does not capture your existing stations. You must create new ones, artist or song. The stations will appear in your Sonos favorites, not in Sonos Spotify. Go figure.

Is there any way to do Playlist radio and save it?

I thought I created a playlist radio station and played it but I can't figure out how to do it again.

The artist and song works for me, now for playlists radio.


Stations been working for a while, but there is no Thumbs up/down in Sonos controller (see picture). Unlike in Google Play Music (second pic). I'm on a family plan and would really like to see this implemented.

Hi @mrwufs,

this is a specific Sonos implementation of the Spotify API.

You must complain on Sonos community forums to push for this development.

All best,


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