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Add Spotify Radio to SONOS, please!


Add Spotify Radio to SONOS, please!

Spotify, please provide SONOS with the ability to support Spotify Radio. 



From the SONOS community:


John M, an employee of Sonos, replied to Add Spotify radios to Sonos !!!, an idea about Sonos.

Thank you everyone for the responses and feedback. Please let me assure you that this item is still under consideration by Sonos and that we are committed to providing a world-class Spotify experience on Sonos.

Spotify Radio was originally introduced as a Spotify App on the desktop Spotify client before being made available to the mobile app versions. Spotify Apps are small applications written within the Spotify platform and are not made available to third-party platforms like Sonos at this time. Spotify does not yet provide us with the ability to support Spotify Radio. We understand that this is a top feature request from the Sonos-Spotify community and are in discussions with Spotify on possible future implementation.

If you feel strongly about the Spotify Radio feature on Sonos, be sure to add your comments to the Spotify community, in addition to this topic here. Like Sonos, Spotify is a company that greatly values the opinions and feedback of their user community. 

177 Replies

yes please. why do i have to subscribe to last fm when i already subscribe to spotify and spotify radio is better than last fm?

Please add this feature asap to SONOS!


I have to say that I feel a bit ripped off too. I purchased sonos because I thought using Spotify through it would be the best way to listen to music at home. When adding it to the Sonos system it requires a premium account which I purchased. However, at no time did they say that the features were limited when using it through sonos. So I find that I am using Pandora, etc. when I was using Spotify exclusively. If the feature doesn't happen soon I will likely cancel my Spotify subscription and continue using other music sources. I'm not looking for free music and I am happy to pay for a service that works. 

So I tried napster for 30 days in my opinion it's sh*te... Weird and Backwards... Playlists separate from downloads etc it's just not user friendly like spotify. I'm back paying for spotify and I use AUPEO! For radio... I use shazam premium to tag aupeo! tracks and then send them to spotify for use later... Not ideal but it works..

Love Spotify. Love Sonos. But I deeply miss the Spotify Radio!! Pity I have to look for another similar service that is supported on Sonos. Truly hope you manage to add it soon!

This was the main reason I upgraded to premium so gutted its not available on sonos.

I'll be trying a few other services out to see which works best and likely cancelling my premium sub if I can find one which provides both playlists and radio via sonos.

I agree, I can't believe this isn't an option for premium subscribers. Spotify, it promises to be a great service but seems to seriously fail to deliver in a couple of areas. The potential integration with Sonos and WP8 for me is a let down.

I realy love Spotify, and i realy love SONOS....


But realy spotify... WHY dont you open up the radio feature to other devices like SONOS?

Now your forcing us to move away from spotify to alternatives like Deezer.

please let other developers implement the radio functionality

I was so excited to get my Sonos set up- and then couldn't believe Spotify Radio isn't supported! This is a big part of why I am a Spotify premium customer. I don't want to cancel my subscription but am also not willing to return my Sonos because of this. Spotify - help! There's no point in offering great products that rely on each other when they don't work together! 

If you're a Android user, there is always Sponos Radio available until Spotify makes the Radio-API available for third-parties.

There are some work arounds... Myself i'm a iPhone user...

I sometimes just connect my iPhone directly to the line-in on my sonos and then just play Spotify-Radio thru the spotify app.


But spotify realy needs to just make the Radio-API available for SONOS so they can implement it in their system.


I join you in requesting this feature, as Spotify on Sonos is not complete without it. Meanwhile, having a Sonos 5, I plug my phone into it, and use it as the source while playing Spotify Radio. That's my temporary solution. Not ideal, but works. I hope this helps.


Just signed up for Premium thinking that I could do this. The people on the Sonos side say that they are waiting for Spotify to allow them to develop the app. This is the perfect combination! Please get Spotify radio on Sonos!

Very much agree with the sentiment here.  Perhaps I issed it, and if so...apologies...but what is Potify's position on this?  Has there been an explanation as to why this has not happened yet?  Thanks.

Using Spotify radio on SONOS would be nothing short of amazing. As much as I love SONOS, having to actively choose a playlist or album feels a bit outdated when compared to simply having "automatic" music selection. Having Spotify radio on SONOS would definitely make me a lifetime customer of both - and most likely buy several SONOS play speakers for the whole house.

Yes, I connect my iPad to my Sonos iPod dock with an adaptor lead from eBay and works well, but not as convenient as built in radio feature...

I really can't believe i moved over from Rhapsody only to discover i can't play the best feature on Spotify thru my Sonos system.

Come on Spotify, start listening.  We need you to do this or we'll find a service that does

I just signed up for Spotify Premier trial for use with my Sonos system.  I use Pandora Radio on Sonos but wanted to go Spotify because of their larger music catalog.   Now I find out that Spotify Radio is not available on Sonos.  Bottom line is I love Spotify but will drop it without this integration.  It seems like these two companies need to work together to solve this. 

Dear Spotify, I think you misread how important this is.......  Please consider adding Spotify radio on Sonos asap

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