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Album won't play, plays different artists instead.

Album won't play, plays different artists instead.

Good day, I'm having trouble playing an album, it simply won't play, but it plays different tracks from other artists instead. (...?) The album in question is Building on the Edge of the Sky from Halogen.
I'm from the Netherlands, and I'm using Spotify free.
Had this issue on Android TV (Android 7.0), Win7 64Bit, and my phone (Android 4.4)
Is this a locale issue and can anyone outside the Netherlands play this album?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

2 Replies

Hi @rustigmattie

Unfortunately, this is one of the limitations of Spotify Free on mobile. You can't play music on demand, only shuffle and they will sometimes include suggested songs and artists.

You can read more info about Spotify Free here.

Please let me know if there is something else I can help you with.

Thank you for replying! I've read the faq, but the problem is that I'm mainly using the Android TV app for Spotify where you aren't restricted to shuffle mode, even Free users like me. It's the only album in my library that won't play. Sometimes even glitches the app, as tracks from other albums won't play sound anymore (while it still says it's playing them) until I restart the app completely. Last time I played it was like 2 months ago, it worked back then, but searching for the album now in Spotify doesn't offer any results. Which is funny, as googling the album offers a link to the album in Spotify! I take it's been deleted. It still shows up in my library though.  Sigh.
Also, in Windows7, it's the only album with 'play all' disabled, while other albums still work.

On mobile, it's the only album that offers no 15/30sec preview of the tracks when I'm trying to add them to a playlist. Shuffle mode doesn't bring up 1 track of the album, no matter how many times I try. If you'd like and have Premium, you could try and play whatever track of it, so I can confirm if it's just me. Which I kinda doubt.

Anyway, thanks again. But it looks like I'll have to get a copy at Discogs to be able to play it once again. 😞


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