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[All Platforms][Subscription] top 5 list, Ideologically

[All Platforms][Subscription] top 5 list, Ideologically

of reasons why Sotify sucks. I encourage others to comment with reasons beyond the 5 I've listed here. Numerically of course. Now, I've written angry messages on the boards here before and though I don't regret it, I'm sure that not one of my top notch points were taken into consideration becasue of the tone. So I'm gonna write this nice and easy. Here's why Spotify is bad. Truly the worst streaming service you can subsribe to. Why am I still with them? Cause of why a lot people are. Sharing playlists and music with people. They've got that cornered With the sheer volume of users, even if there were, and there probably is, another streamiung service that playlist sharing and the like are a feature, the fact that eveyone you'd want to share them with is using Spotify makes it hard to leave. They count on that. But to get back to the point. Top 5 reasons why Spotify sucks. Or more, top 5 Ideas as to why Spotify sucks (to keep with the theme under which this "idea" is being posted). 


1. They will not let you add more than 3000 songs to your library. I'm not talking downloads, I'm talking online library. The ability to digitally link the artists and songs that you like is disabled when you reach 3000 songs. I get downloading limits (though Spotifies are the industry low as well in that respect) but when all you want to do is group together artists so that they're easy to select on the fly and play quickly, in what we call a library, you're stuck with 3000 songs and that's it. 

       1a. I've seen two responses from them on this issue on here. 1 is that only 1% of their users go over the song limit, so they don't find it a necessary change to make. My response to their response is that, in they're response, they basically told 1,000,000 people that they don't matter to them. 

       1b. They say that you can use playlists to add songs to your library once you've gone beyond the limit. A way organize still. I for one, once reaching my library limit, thought I'd give using playlists a try in order to at least have a quick link to artists, but I honestly thought as I was adding the first artist to a playlist that I titled with the name of that artist, that Spotify wouldn't let me. After all, I thought, if there's a reason they won't let you go beyond 3000 songs in your library, it makes sense that they would also lock up your playlists. Certainly the underlying reason for song limits in your library would cary over to playlists as well. I was wrong of course, and have to admit it upset me that I was able to add songs to my playlists still. It reinforced my suspicions that there wasn't a reason that they impose the limit. There is no reason. They just do. 

2. The fact that requests to put playlists in alpahbetical order, and other such easy fixes is always met with "well take it it under consideration", is another reason why Spotify sucks. Basic funcionality is expected from any app, much less the most popular music app there is. To playcate such simple requests that shouldn't have had to be requested in the first place with the stock 'cut and paste' answeres they do is another reason why Spotify sucks. 

3. Too big for their britches. Their popularity makes them feel invincible. Those of us who compain on the message boards are such a small fraction of their users that the fact that they even respond is amazing. That is to say that becasue of their already proven disdain for disedence, that they spend the time to cut and paste their insulting responses at all is pretty remarkable. But it's reason nubmer 3 why they suck. If it aint broke, don't fix it. Meaning, if they still are making billion dollars a month, why would they bother to care about requests that require a phone call to the guys in the basement and........well that's it. A phone call to the guys in the basement would require an action in response to a complaint/request. They don't do that. Nope. Ever.  Which leads me to number 4. 

4. Their lazy. Nothing more to say on that one. 

5. And this piggy backs off of number 3. They don't have Taylor Swift. Why did she leave? Because in spite of her requests to not let people listen to her music for free, they continued to let them do it. To date, she is one of a handful of big artists who allow streaming on other platforms, but not Spotify. They dropped the ball, Spotify. Then publically begged her to come back, and then, after a week or so, said oh well. And moved on. 


I encourage this community to comment (numerically) their "ideas" as to why Spotify sucks, if indeed they as well feel, ideologically of course, that Spotify sucks. 



See? Not angry. It might sound angry because I have nothing nice to say. But it's not angry. It's matter of factly stating why Spotify sucks, with an ideoglical sensibility. 

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