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All my playlists have disappeared?

All my playlists have disappeared?

In my playlist tab, it doesn't show me any of my playlists. I can only find two (2) of them through the shortcut thing, but my five (5) other playlists are nowhere to be found. No, they weren't deleted. I already checked that. I've done everything possible before coming here. I deleted two (2) playlists, actually, but strangely enough, they didn't appear in the recover playlist tab. I hope that isn't the cause of all this mess.

I use the free version of Spotify and it's like this across all devices. My phone, the web player, and all that. 

I'm really desperate. If I need to, I'll even give the playlist names! I'll give the pictures I used for them, I'll do literally anything. I just want my stuff back. 

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Hey @user-removed, 


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we'll be glad to help you out here.

First thing you can try here is running a clean reinstall of the app on the device where this occurs. This will get you the latest app version with all necessary updates. Try logging out and back in once you've done the clean reinstall. 


If you still can't see the missing playlists, test if you observe the same when using a different network. If it works with another connection, it's best to contact the service provider of the original network for more information.


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.  

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