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An error occurs when trying to connect with Web Player

An error occurs when trying to connect with Web Player



Since a couple of weeks, each time I connect to using Firefox, I'm getting a message saying an error occurred and need to try again. However, Spotify works when used from the desktop application or my phone, so the service is not down. Last time it occurred, if I refreshed enough times, it worked. But today, no matter how many times I refreshed (30-40 times at least!), it just keeps returning the error message.  I tried with both CTRL-R and the "Reload" button on the error page, without success.


I observed similar behavior with another service in the past: it used to work using the web player, then they switched to application only without any notice. I got no email from Spotify telling me they have any plan to discontinue the Web Player, which would not be a good idea in my opinion. The Spotify client basically works on Linux, but it stops playing as soon as the screen turns off, and I could find no solution for that.

Any reason why the Web Player is now failing? Is it because of a Flash issue or because it supports just a couple of browsers, in fact only one, the ubiquitous Chrome I ditched a while ago in favor of Firefox because it was auto-starting with my PC and I didn't want that behavior. I know this shouldn't happen, but it did for me, and I couldn't stand it.


If I cannot get Spotify to work on Ubuntu without having to regular move the mouse or type keys, whether through the application or Web Player, I'm afraid I'll eventually unsubscribe and switch to something else.








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