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[Android][Developer] Playing a song while connecting to Bluetooth

[Android][Developer] Playing a song while connecting to Bluetooth

Hi Spotify!


I've noticed that when we play songs while Bluetooth is connected to a car or any other electronic product, we can't play songs when we open the camera, which is internal and comes with every mobile device.

Also, no other music app has this feature, when we play songs via Bluetooth and simultaneously open the camera and begin shooting video, the song will pause wherever we connect devices, e.g., in the car, in the home theater, etc.


For example, if I'm driving my car, I'm a Spotify Premium user, I'm connected to Bluetooth, a song is playing, and I'm in Kashmir, and I want to shoot a video of the same song that I'm currently listening to, I should be able to do so. 


Customers will benefit greatly if Spotify can obtain this feature. 



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