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App issues playing on google device

App issues playing on google device



I'm having app issues when playing music via my Google home device. When I pair to the device the app jumps the minutes back to the start but continues to play the song. Also when I try skip the track is skips on the device but then shows its not skipped and still playing the same song on the app. 


This seems to be since I have updated the app.

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I am having the same issue but with my Alexa speaker. I too noticed when the most recent update came out. It still functions perfectly fine when using my phone's speakers, but the moment I use Spotify connect, the music still plays and the buttons work, but the whole player freezes up with the time scrobbler stationary and new tracks not changing on my phone.

I'm not really sure putting this on here will get the issue fixed.

As this is my first post.

If this is not the correct forum that what is? I have not found any feedback or bug report links in the app.

What phone do you have?

I have same issue, all weekend Android app not playing nice with Google Home.  Now this morning, I'm playing music on my Win 10 PC Desktop app and my phone asked me if I want to continue playing on the desktop app, I agree but there's no media controls on my phone?

This has now been fixed.

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