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Artist radio and Fans Also Like Disappeared

Artist radio and Fans Also Like Disappeared

Hi everyone, 


About a month ago, my band finally got a Fans also like + Artist radio. 

However, one week later it completely disappeared. 

I mailed the Spotify For Artist helpdesk around 20x times already without getting a decent answer on why this occured. 


The band has steady streams, followers, singles have been added to numerous playlists.. 


The weirdest thing about all this, is, that even though the artist radio disappeared, song radio still works :s. It still contains all the artists that once were in the fans also like section. 

I can't seem to grasp the idea that we wouldn't have enough data to generate algorythmic playlists but other bands with lesser followers and streams have... 

+ that our song radio is still online... 


Can someone please help me out or check this? 

I've been mailing so much and they only sent template answers. 


Kind regards, 


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me too! has anyone had the same issue?

I have 89K monthly listeners

Hi folks! 


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. Sorry for the delayed reply, we just stumbled upon this thread.


Would you mind sending us the link to your Artist pages so we can take a closer look? 


@Henri1234, just to confirm, have you already tried reaching out to our Artist Support? If not, you can do so here so they can take a closer look at your artist account/profile and further assist you with this.


We'll be on the lookout.

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Hi Eni,
Thank you for your message!

Here is my artist page:

Basically my artist radio, fans also like, and song radio suddenly disappeared a few weeks ago. Before that, all radios worked perfectly fine.

Yes, I've also tried 10+ times to contact Spotify support, and I only received automatic answers.
I also can't seem to grasp the idea that I wouldn't have enough data to generate algorythmic playlists. I think the issue might be something else.

Thank you for your help!

Hey @Henri1234,


We've investigated this further and it seems it's possible for the Fans Also Like and Artist Radio features to disappear and fluctuate with suggested artists as it's determined by algorithms, and not manually curated. It uses a combination of your fans' listening habits on Spotify, and music discussions and trends happening around the internet.


There are a number of factors that affect it, so it's difficult to say exactly why this section can vary. It can simply be a result of not having enough data from different listeners when the algorithms update.


It's highly possible that the features will reappear again, as soon as the algorithms can get the necessary data, which is quite complex, so we ask for some patience.  In the meantime, we recommend continually promoting your music as this is the best way for them to appear.


If you're still having trouble reaching our Creator Support team, it might be worth checking spam folders or trying to get in touch with a different email provider. Take care!

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Hi again,


Thank you for your message.

It seems like the issue comes from something else. Some weeks ago, I had a working artist radio and song radios with much less streams and less listeners. 
Now my artist page (see previous message) has 100K monthly listeners and my artist radio, song radios and "fans also like" suddenly disappeared as if the algorithm update does not work on my profile. As the number of listeners and streams are high and since my fans listen to the same genre (deep houe, electronic, dance), there should be more than enough data to generate fans also like and artist radio + song radios. The only way this can be explained is that there is a technical issue on Spotify's end. 
Can you please help me fix it? Is there a technical team that can review my artist profile and fix the problem quickly?
Thanks in advance



Hi @Henri1234,


Thanks for the reply.


As mentioned previously, these features aren't curated, but automatic, meaning it's not possible to modify them manually. Once the algorithm has gathered enough data to generate these features they should reappear on your profile.


In the meantime, it's best to promote your music as best as you can to generate more data. For example:

  • Stay active on social media and encourage your fans to tune in to your music within Spotify.
  • Create and share artist playlists with descriptive titles to give Spotify a better picture of the right artists to match you with. Start by adding your music, songs you listen to, and artists you’re similar to. And be sure to encourage your fans to follow and stream your playlist!
  • Add a bio to your Spotify artist profile, and the info will be used to form an idea of which artists to pair you with. Start your bio by telling us where you’re from and what sort of music you make.

We also recommend checking out our guide to best practices. Conversations about your music across the internet will help influence the algorithms.


Hope this helps. The Community is always here if there's anything else you need assistance with.



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This has also happened to me. My name is smythy  on Spotify. I had a fans also like section that really fitted my music and I just released a new song and all of a sudden it’s just gone. I feel this section is really important to artists and it’s vital that it returns to our pages so please help us our Spotify 🙏 

this is a ongoing and continuous problem, and the fact of the matter is your algorithm is broken if it can find data in the first place to create these curated listeners also liked then suddenly not have enough data, and if you guys cant fix and and just recommend a support line, and claim that it is somehow not possible to fix manually, then i believe you need to reevaluate the program in which you use to make this available in the first place. i have friends with listeners as high as 50k listeners and low as under 1k who somehow are getting essentially shadow banned from breaking out into more listeners because your algorithm deems them not listened to enough (at least that is what you keep implying with not enough data), it doesn't make sense. if this problem happened to anyone over 1mil listeners who make you the most money then it wouldn't be a problem for them and you'd fix it immediately, i can guarantee it. the support line doesn't work, you cant take songs out of playlists, you cant fix anything on the artist pages, is your only purpose just to tell us you cant fix anything? and then mark the situation as solved because you recommended the support line, the issue isn't solved,  this is like if i came up to you with a bad cut on my hand and i ask for a bandage which we had before but im not bleeding enough to you so you cant provide me the bandage.


It happens when you pump your artist page with fake streams. It shocks the algorithm hence taking it away… if you stop purchasing fake packages then it’ll naturally come back. 

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