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Average streams per month in playlists per 1,000 followers

Average streams per month in playlists per 1,000 followers

My ‚Just Relax - mellow chillout Lofi‘ playlist 

Hi folks, I'm trying to figure out what a good playlist performance is. For example, if a playlist has 1,000 followers, how many streams per month should a song get? Of course, I am aware that it depends on many factors, such as where it is listed, what genre of music it is, etc. When I search Google for reference values, I can't really find anything. Maybe everyone who is affected by this can share their stats, experiences and ideas here. For my Lofi Chillout playlist, which you can see above, I have roughly the following stats: Current playlist followers: 632, Top 10 playlist rank: song gets around 250 streams per month rank 10 - 30: 150 streams per month, rank 30 - 50: 120 streams per month. I have no idea whether this is a good playlist performance and would like to evaluate my marketing approach and know whether my playlist marketing is worthwhile. Perhaps we will manage to determine a good average value in playlist performances through honest contributions 🙂 I look forward to contributions, suggestions and ideas!

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