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Broken! Web player should work without EME, even if it can't actually play music.

Broken! Web player should work without EME, even if it can't actually play music.

If EME is unsupported or disabled in the browser, the Spotify Web Player refuses to do anything at all, not just play the songs. This is terribly broken.


Just to be extra clear, I understand why I can't play the music locally without EME support. That's not the problem.


The first and most obvious problem is that I should still be able *look* at my library, even if I can't play it.


The second, and more important problem, is that I don't actually need EME at all, as I'm not trying to listen to the music locally at all, but just control another device (a Denon receiver) that supports Spotify Connect. In other words I'm merely trying to use the Web Player as a remote control.

As far as I can tell, this is just pure stupidity on the part of Spotify developers. If EME isn't supported, the audio stream won't be played, by definition. There is no reason to check for it ahead of time and prevent me from so much at LOOKING at my library. Let it break when the user actually tries to play something.


Nonsense like this makes it extremely difficult to justify continuing my Premium subscription.


As an aside, the Spotify statement that enabling EME won't compromise security is grossly irresponsible. It's probably false, but in any case, there is no way for Spotify to know one way or the other. That statement is wishful thinking, not based in fact. If (when) it is ever proven false, I can only hope that Spotify will be held accountable for making such a misleading statement to its users.

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This is still a problem. I wanted to subscribe a playlist to see it in other clients and the website does not show anything but a error I should enable DRM in a browser which doesn't have it.


I do not care about the player, I want to manage my music!

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