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Browse / Discover stopped working. It no longer make suggestions bsed on what I had listened to.

Browse / Discover stopped working. It no longer make suggestions bsed on what I had listened to.

My favorite part of Spotify has been suggestions based on past selections.  That no longer exists.  I want to explore, not follow, so Spotify is much less valuable than it used to be.

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Seeing the same thing and very confused. Why does it no long show me suggestions based on past listening? Instead just says to  start listening and it will suggest. In addition it shows a button to 'browse playlists' which just takes me to the home tab.


discover was my go to tab...can't believe it's gone/changed

I am specifically registering here for the sole reason to express my opinion on whatever is going on with the discover feature, because I love Spotify that much and feel that strongly.  Spotify is first and foremost a discovery tool, and does not function as a playback device.  I too want to explore,  not follow,  Spotify.  If this feature is removed I will no longer have any need for Spotify and will just use the rest of the Internets, because, yeah,  it is that easy. It's just, I loved not having to search for new things... please bring back discover! 

Also experiencing this problem. It is really frustrating!!!!!

Please fix ...

Hey folks!


Thanks for letting us know about this. The Discover tab should show you suggestions based on the artists you follow/listen. If you're seeing something different, could you send us a screenshot to take a closer look?


Also, remember you have the Discover Weekly and the Release Radar playlists to always find new music and releases from the artists you like. Another option for you to discover new music is using the Radio stations or checking the Fresh Finds playlists.


Keep us posted!

Having the same problem - 




Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 10.57.00 PM.png

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